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Underwhelmed by Argentina

Day 1,765, 00:41 Published in Australia USA by Majester

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the first time Argentina defeated Chile. It coincides with Chile's Independence Day on 18 September and War Heroes Memorial Day on 19 September (similar to ANZAC Day). This event is marked with a dedicated IRC room and promises of so much damage that the sheer excess brings tears for the indulgent waste.

Australia was obviously a little excited. Chile solely occupy our regions and this bodes well for our first Resistance War win. Australia have been digging an escape tunnel with a teaspoon in the faith that freedom is attainable. We are under duress. Our resources are squeezed.

What we did not factor in was an ally contribution to this burden. Based upon our interaction with Argentina this week:

a) Argentina only fight if they start the RW - no Gold, no play.
Argentina only fight if they are given weapons - no free Rank, no play.
c) Argentina only fight if they gain territory - no land, no play.

It seems not even their hatred for everything Chinchilean allows them to get past base self-interest. Our help to rally allies for them not a month ago meant nothing. Argentina won us all of 10 points - perhaps. This from a nation that claims to own Chile?

I begin to understand why Brazil grow weary of their constant whining and fair weathered friendship when they lose wars they start. Their detractors in EDEN are justified in observing that Argentina makes no significant contribution if they don't have to. It also seems that all Australian efforts for Argentina mean nothing in the face of immediate gratification and gain. Why would anyone want an ally like this?

Needless to say, I am underwhelmed by Argentina.


Survivor of Australia

TL;DR Argentina can not into Chile.


scottty the NUKE Day 1,765, 00:57

Comment deleted

Icetek Day 1,765, 00:59

I think it's time to reconsider our stategys and allies. I'm down to turn my back and we help Chile get there land back from Argentina IF Chile gives our land back. I think this idea would make me jizz my pants. Besides we could use something fun in eAus.

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,765, 01:04

Argentina have never been good allies ... to anyone, they have jumped ship and changed sides more times than Plato has changed his undies in the past 5 years, If they can't see a way to gain/profit from something they tend to not get involved at all.

Erep talk of allies, honour, brotherhood and mate ship, all of which Argentina have NEVER possessed, this doesn't surprise me in the least of their latest "promise"

kuckuck Day 1,765, 01:21


DocterDryMOIST Day 1,765, 01:22

It was very disappointing. They came to me, Majester and Greg and said they would be doing a major offensive. Nothing occurred.

Seems they will only help if they want something in return.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,765, 01:42

*meh* You'll never see out DO for Argentina

Tierra y Libertad

Kolorowy Day 1,765, 01:54

I think you should start talks with Chileans. Don't know the exact situation, but they doing to you, what Argentina is doing to them is not good in my eyes. At least for the time being you could coexist in the Australian continent.

Actually I thought from the start of the Chilean campaign that they will not occupy you fully, and will release some regions which they don't need.

Oh well, will try to talk to some people and get some info.

supereviloverlord Day 1,765, 01:55

Comment deleted

eDarkAngel Day 1,765, 02:10

Chile is not in Australia for the same reasons as Argentina and they're not doing the same to Australia.

In a way it is ironic, because by helping Argentina fight off Bulgarian in South America, Australia gave them the opportunity to go back to their old ways. This is what has forced Chile to look for options to survive while it's population matures and is able to fight back.

I'm sure there is an agreement that can be made there that would be worth both sides time.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,765, 03:28

Why ever would Argentina help us?
Chileans fighting us means they are not fighting Argentina.
Argentina is getting an easy occupation thanks to us.

So icetek, how are we going to help Chile get its land back if we cannot even get our own - we woulden't be much use to them.
Just keep RWing them - eventually we will succeed

JasonWaz Day 1,765, 03:44

Well DD seemed to ignore all past dealings with them (Sound familiar?).

Ash J. Williams
Ash J. Williams Day 1,765, 04:24

I tried to rally as many argentineans as I could in a RW for you, but the EDEN alliance placed priorities in Iran, Uruguay and Colombia, so there wasn´t much I could do. Even still millions of dmg where done by argentineans in your favor inspite of the EDEN orders (i personally did 4kk)... and this is how you pay back?

Ash J. Williams
Ash J. Williams Day 1,765, 04:26

I had let gone of my anger towards Australia due to how you porpousely blocked us from attacking New Zealand, and protected a country from another alliance from being deleted. You´ve always sucked as an ally, and you guys got yourself in this situation EXACTLY because of the same thing (playing War Games with an enemy country)... but I let it go... but this? this I wont let go.

R O B E R Day 1,765, 04:40

According Australians, returns my Gold -

Ungrateful. -

R O B E R Day 1,765, 04:45

Australia needs a baby, if not move your ass is not the fault of Argentina

Franco Bonazza
Franco Bonazza Day 1,765, 04:57

Argentina is fighting for the Allies

fight for Colombia

fight for Uruguay

fight for iran

fight for Croatia (later fight against chile)

We can not fight for 50 allies at a time ...

I struggle australia group (ash j williams) rw and near misses ... chile soon disappear from their land

We need weapons, because they stole our 2400 golds national banking, do not have many funds

Majester Day 1,765, 04:58

I am grateful for the help we did get.
I refuse to be grateful for pure extortion. If I could pay people tanks to do damage for us; I would hire mercenaries in #mercenary.

LanyIsLost Day 1,765, 05:00

yup, what goes around comes around and bites us in the fanny

Ash J. Williams
Ash J. Williams Day 1,765, 05:06

Majester, I´m positive that the RW I personally (I´m not from eArgentinean government) rallied for, all eArgentineans that fought did so with their own guns, I did not asked for guns.

If for any other RW guns where asked you have to understand that eArgentina´s bank was robbed 2400 gold this month and the claim is still pending. All types of distribution have been halted. I fought for Australia with the little money I had. This is quite frankly offending to me.

Pescaman Day 1,765, 05:07

Guys: don't forget that argentinian imperialism is the origin of conflict. NZ, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia have suffered a lot of times the expansionism of their neighbour. COT tried to defeat that source of troubles unsuccessfully, Australia is now suffering consequences.

balacenia Day 1,765, 05:10

So, our bank was stolen (over 2400 gold) so we're recovering from that. We're helping all the allies that helped get rid of Bulgaria. The "attack" on Chile as eDarkangel says was NOT to come to old days, but because the mechanics were already in place (Chile attacked FIRST with Bulgaria, remember??). It was a matter of time for their country to be deleted because our 2 clickers are still more than Chile, and since Chile was running to Australia it really took little to get that.

balacenia Day 1,765, 05:12

Now, some people (not all) tried to rally into help, but since the priorities from our Alliance were elsewhere, major cannons went to those priorities instead of here. This is the pay for those who did fight? Gee, Ally with Chile if you want. I'm sure their 3 points per battle will be a lot of help.

Franco Bonazza
Franco Bonazza Day 1,765, 05:16

the error was in Australia, to open a border with Chile (changing regions with New Zealand)

Chile could never move to Australia, because it was blocked by its ally New Zealand

Australia opened the doors to enter chile

try to help, as we did with Colombia and Uruguay, but remember that they stole 2400 national golds

australia help as was done with Uruguay and Colombia

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,765, 05:21

You can add my name to those underwhelmed by eArgentina. I remain in awe from when we decided to ally with them in the first place. eChile, despite the current circumstances, have had good relations with us in conversation.

Franco Bonazza
Franco Bonazza Day 1,765, 05:22

who was the idea of ​​changing the region with New Zealand and open the way to Chile


Argentina criticize this struggling Colombia, Uruguay, Croatia and Iran will do it for australia. Best criticize the very bad strategy to change New Zealand land.

Arfman Day 1,765, 05:23

Aye, shiver me timbers.

Callumh123 Day 1,765, 05:26

I fully thank all the argies that helped, truly I am. But as a member of government I have seen logs from some argies claiming huge support in a rw. That we as a small nation were all hoping this be true. When it
Never came we were understandably disappointed and that was what we and majester are trying to say.

Franco Bonazza
Franco Bonazza Day 1,765, 05:27

We are recovering from a war very hard, we had a chile controlled but may escape

Australia had their land

australia conquered Canterbury. So chile australia invaded! Just for that, through no fault of Argentina!

Tim_Holtz Day 1,765, 05:31

argentina will always be argentina

Danidada Day 1,765, 05:36

We are helping Croatia and Rumania to get to Australia. Remember that!

LanyIsLost Day 1,765, 05:38

Argentina is right about Australia opening the door for Chile, just saying.

Franco Bonazza
Franco Bonazza Day 1,765, 05:43

see the map of the world on 01/09/2012
Australia has all its original lands and chile is enclosed between Argentina and its ally New Zealand

see the map of the world on 02/09/2012
conquest australia canterbury ... AUSTRALIA LIMITED TO CHILE

see the map of the world on 05/09/2012
Chile conquest canterbury

Franco Bonazza
Franco Bonazza Day 1,765, 05:43

see the map of the world on 06/09/2012

Chile begins his attack on their original lands of australia

Argentina is not bad, it was a mistake to australia!

Just try to help. But it was not the fault of Argentina to Chile came to australia

BOUD1CCA Day 1,765, 05:46

it was a really dumb move - with the benefit of hindsight it is even dumber : (

balacenia Day 1,765, 05:52

I think you will still be liberated. Why do you think Chile is all scared to have Romania and Croatia border with them? We need to step over NZ first and with our bank in almost zero is quite difficult. All efforts are personal and NOT by government.
That is why we're helping Croatia and Romania, they will be able to do the job we can't right now. As much as we want, EDEN priorities lied elsewhere and Argentina's priorities were to help those that helped hard to get rid of Bulgaria.

Callumh123 Day 1,765, 05:52

Franco, you're missing the point. The article is that we were promised big help that never came. You could also debate this would not have happened if it were not for the arg-chile wars

balacenia Day 1,765, 05:53

This "news" is totally biased. Whjy don't you go to talk with Arg government? Maybe you get things straight. I'm sure "Chile" will be a better ally. COT exists only because of Bulgaria.

Franco Bonazza
Franco Bonazza Day 1,765, 06:01

callumh123 This would not have happened without the conquest Australian canterbury

We are not resting in Argentina: we are helping allies Colombia, Uruguay, irean, Croatia

Of course there are more allies to help, but we do our best.

We want free and eliminate australia chile. but we do not have 2700 golds that were stolen. We can not win 5 battles at once.

Time to help her reach all our allies. but let's be fair: this problem I search australia, with its conquest of canterbury

Callumh123 Day 1,765, 06:15

If your going by conquests (was a land swap with enz) argentina and chile fought each other which caused chile to run into eaus territory. It is also well known argies government have never really wanted to work or talk to aus unless it suited them. Anyway I thank all the argies that helped.

Callumh123 Day 1,765, 06:16

Please mind the spelling mistakes. I'm on my phone.

Franco Bonazza
Franco Bonazza Day 1,765, 06:26

no problem

I have no problem looking ahead through a change of land, but this was to be after the chile is deleted, I think you did not see the possible attack of chile, if you waited about 10, 15 or 20 days, Chile would have been erased and you could not throw straight to Canterbury, then make the change if they could land with new zealand.

It was a major mistake, now come home to roost

With time we will find a solution, australia recover their lands, chile will be deleted ...

Pibasog Day 1,765, 06:47

lol i fight for australia, one of my bh is for u...

Tte. Sosa
Tte. Sosa Day 1,765, 06:59

Look at my profile, max dmg for Australia.

I wan't to organizate a RW against Chile with CHOTOS. Then I ask for tanks for DIV 1 y 2 for Plan Generales.

I have NO answer....

Detroit34 Day 1,765, 07:09

Excellent analysis.

bennyto Day 1,765, 07:25

According Australians, returns my Gold -

Ungrateful. -

You have to do an NAP with ONE or COT again

argies on top 1 of battle 1
argies on top 1 of battle 2
Argies giving supplies, Argies figting
Australian MOD mode: MajesterZZZ

we spend our supplies but the australia´s mod whana be COT o/

Tenshou Day 1,765, 07:57

It is a joke?

Ungrateful. Nothing else to say.

Lucas05 Day 1,765, 08:16

haha, only argentinians fight for Austrlia, incredible...

Tenshou Day 1,765, 08:20

Comment deleted

Tiburon  Gato
Tiburon Gato Day 1,765, 08:25


Australians go to clean the dishes

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