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Under the Hood of America, Part 1: The Executive

Day 1,104, 16:33 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

The Executive branch, like real life, is the part of America's government that concerns the President, his advisors, secretaries, and departments. Unlike real life, the Executive holds a tremendous amount of power compared to the Legislative. As such, it has a lot of programs that have a lot of job openings. This article will cover the departments in the Executive branch and what jobs you can take within the Executive to get your foot in the door of U.S. Politics.

Get a government job today, fill out this form!

Note: Every President's cabinet is different, sometimes new Departments are formed and more programs are added. I'll do my best to keep this up to date like all articles.

I have marked certain jobs with the following 5 icons to point out what is an important skill in that job. It's not always necessarily a requirement, but they're good skills to have.

- Mass messaging or quartermastering (donating items)
- Information collection and cataloguing
- Google Documents (it's like multiplayer MS Excel)
- Being able to connect with people
- Newspaper management and creative writing

The West Wing

President / Vice President
The endgame for a lot of players, you can't get much higher than President, unless you want to go for overlord of a superalliance. Being a President is time-intensive and requires a sizeable share of work, and carries a big weight across internal and international politics, as well as presiding over the Executive, proposing laws for the Legislative, and barking orders for the Military. The Vice President is essentially the assistant or understudy, advising, talking to people, taking over during absence, etc.

The President has a menagerie of ex-presidents and future successors on speed dial in case they need to consult on an issue. They have normal, general ones, and also ones hired for special topics like Congress and Defense.

Department of Interior

The Department of the Interior oversees all things internal, it has a giant array of programs under it's belt and even gets it's own line in our monthly budget (there are about 5 lines, if that tells you something). The Secretary of the Interior is in charge of waving his hand over all of these and making sure the programs are in proper working order. The SoI gets deputy secretaries, usually split up between various duties like messaging, education, and involvement.

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels is a long-standing program in the Department of the Interior that hands out food to new and intermediate players to fight and increase their military rank points. MoW workers are primarily quartermasters who hand the food out to requesters from the New Citizen Help list.

Community Development Program
The CDP's job is to message new players and inactive members of the eUSA and get them active, healthy and involved. The CDP is integral to keeping volunteerism high, conversations interesting, and the community fresh. Mass messagers will find a great home in the CDP.

REACH's job is to bring people from other sites to eRepublik. Spamming social networking sites, voting on game rating sites, and anything else you can think of to get more people in our nation so it can be stronger. People with a menagerie of friends or online memberships and fans of Society Builder medals will be heroes in the REACH program.

Mentor Program
The Mentor Program is a group of people that volunteer to start 1-on-1 friendships with anyone who requests Mentorship in the New Citizen Request form. People with a relatively broad knowledge of the game and a friendly face make excellent mentors.

Human Resources
Human Resources is the place that gets your response when you volunteer for a government job, the form for which is linked on the north and south ends of this very article. HR's responsibility is finding, sorting, and contacting people when a program needs to get more staffers.

Department of Defense

All things foreign is split between two departments: The Department of Defense, and The Department of the State. You're most familiar with the DoD as the people who set the citizen orders everyday, but they actually have a couple programs under their belt.

Office of Militia Support
A small operation dedicated to supplying US-based militias with a small sum of money appropriated by congress. The Director is usually someone from Congress.

Arm America
A joint venture with Congress, Arm America is a scheduled supply program dedicated to giving new and intermediate players extra firepower in times of critical battles. Arm America uses quartermasters, often Congress volunteers, to distribute the weapons.

Department of the State

The Department of State has several functions as well, sending ambassadors oversees, engaging other countries with diplomacy, and watching our elections at home.

Ambassador Program
Multilingual players thrive in ambassador programs. Ambassadors go overseas, talk with government officials, and write a report now and then so America knows how their army and politics are going, so we can act accordingly when it comes to war or alliances.

Intelligence Programs
Intelligence workers are tasked with reviewing citizenship requests, recruiting congressional blockers, and otherwise just keeping our elections in the USA safe from foreign interference. Most intelligence workers come from other executive or legislative positions, so get there first if intelligence is your ambition.

Department of Media

The Department of Media is tasked with getting the word of the executive branch to others in the name of transparency. Fans of writing of any sort can find a place in the Department of Media.

White House Press Release
Usually done by the Secretary of Media, the White House Press Release is a very popular form of communication in the executive branch. Prominent government officials often write paragraphs explaining their deeds for the country, which is aggregated in the PR.

The Pony Express
The easiest program to volunteer for, all you have to do to be involved with the PE is vote all of it's linked articles when it's published. If you have a good article, you can suggest it be featured. The Director of the PE is selected by the SoM.

Some politicians need their articles written for them, some press releases need a guest writer, and some campaigns need a little more prominence in the media. Good writers can always volunteer for the Department of Media and wait for their name to be called should someone need a media favor.

People who don't mind sacrificing their citizenship just for the sake of publishing and have a silver tongue may be conscripted to go across seas to enemy nations and try to sway their politics, release false information, or just generally tick them off.

Smaller Departments

Department of Technology
Scripting geniuses are always welcome at the Department of Technology to make new browser scripts or other third party accessories to make jobs easier for other Americans. If you're a tech genius, volunteer for the Department of Technology today!

Department of the Treasury
Workers at the Department of the Treasury look at money market offers and the item marketplaces here and abroad and provide economic information for the people. Skills with Google Docs and economics is a big plus here.


To add your name to the list of volunteers for these job, fill out the HR form here:
Get a government job today, fill out this form!

Other helpful links:

- Join the eUSA forums. Help sections, general discussion, congressional hearings, all the action happens here.
- Join a military outfit or a militia. Free food, tickets, and company in exchange for loyal service to your country.
- Join #bootcamp or #tc on the Rizon server in IRC. You can join directly from the forums here, or learn how to set up an IRC client from our article here.
- Flying Unicorn Squadron, free tickets to strengthen our borders
- New Citizen Assistance Form, free food and mentoring from the Department of Interior
- Welcoming Committee Forum, no-judgement zone on our forums for new player's questions + intros
- Ask the Department of Education, private question and answer form
- Message the Department of Education, give new ideas or feedback on planned topics
- Department of Defense Orders, guidance for civilians looking to contribute in a battle
- White House Press Releases, news, information, and links directly from the President's staff
- Presidential Newspaper, the current President of the United States' newspaper

Until next time,

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B. Martin
B. Martin Day 1,104, 17:00

Love the article as a whole, especially the icons! Great job, keep it up.

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very informative, great article

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Great again!

Myles Robinson
Myles Robinson Day 1,104, 17:06

Good work!

The Libertine
The Libertine Day 1,104, 17:28

Very nice work. All hail the media team!

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,104, 17:34

/me hails the media team

Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Day 1,104, 17:39

Looks good, voted

S3RO Day 1,104, 17:40

Good stuff. Keep the articles coming.

PigInZen Day 1,104, 17:56

Nicely done. This is the sort of thing I wanted in my administration.

ssomo Day 1,104, 17:59

Very nicely done. Impressive work. Kudos!

v + s

Crucifixpandaninja Day 1,104, 18:06


Justin McCravok
Justin McCravok Day 1,104, 18:09

Very Nicely Done!

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,104, 18:15

I voted because of the pretty pictures.

Gulden Draak
Gulden Draak Day 1,104, 19:04

Wow that was awesome.

Stelawrat Day 1,104, 20:28

Really impressive, both presentation and content. Kudos!

Plugson Day 1,104, 20:48

You guys sound organised. Plus, your official press releases are way sexy-looking.

Darkskye Day 1,104, 20:49


Thedillpickl Day 1,104, 21:03

Ooh! It's so shiny!

Thedillpickl Day 1,104, 21:04

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What, I was distracted.

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,104, 22:30

Well done Father Keating.

Animis Day 1,104, 22:41

Bless me Father, for I have sinned..... (yes, we have finally ALL cracked up)

BeDva Day 1,105, 01:17

great work

RaccoonGoon Day 1,105, 02:39

Blank Keating for Lifetime Secretary of Education and Vice President in December!

Seriously Blank, I keep thinking that you've got to have run out of steam, and then you roll out another article full of great information. Happens every single time.

Keep it up!

Blue Holt
Blue Holt Day 1,105, 09:46


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Hicox Publishing Day 1,125, 15:10

Great article!

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