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Ukraine new players&Erepublik trolling

Day 2,372, 06:38 Published in Switzerland USA by Leonardo.DiCaprio
Ok in this article i want to post about Ukraine citizens!

First impression:

Just get shocked go here and watch for yourself

Another think is erpeublik bulshit!!!!!!!!!!
THis is what we see


From 100gold to 111.44Gold 😛



Ishu007 Day 2,372, 08:43

Lol. Voted! o7

Walen II
Walen II Day 2,372, 11:16

Nothing is impossible! We need to work in a Swiss BB 😃

Rican Day 2,373, 00:31

Comment deleted

Rican Day 2,373, 00:32

...( =';'= ).

Orizia Day 2,373, 03:20

ps 199gold 😉

Jonny Platinum
Jonny Platinum Day 2,373, 03:59

So are these fake bot accounts or what? I don't really understand what this means.

Reynel Merre
Reynel Merre Day 2,373, 11:39

This is anti-russian advertisment in social networks)

DoDrew Day 2,373, 14:33

So you think 200 medals is much ?

See this guy from Brazil:


Orizia Day 2,374, 15:18

eRepublik birthday
May 31, 2008 thats possible, that guy in the article is 8 days old and has 50 medals Oo

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