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Day 444, 04:31 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

Dear all UK citizens,

It falls upon us to start up the recruitment rounds again. The British Army currently faces a large shortfall of soldiers for the Royal Guard, the stationary branch of the British Army.Today's British Army is a lot different to the one of yesteryear. Since the new year, it's gone a total reformation which includes a new rank and command system, a special emphasis on military communities and general communication.

So, what are we looking for this time around? Well, we're looking for anyone that wants to join the army. Recruitment is not restricted to the Royal Guards alone.

Let's take a look at the different branches of the army, shall we?

The Royal Guard - The RG is responsible for the protection of sovereign territory, soldiers in the RG do not ever move abroad to fight. The RG is best compared with the Territorial Army in Britain. If you're someone who wants to have a political or business career in the UK but also be a part of the British Army without having to constantly travel then the Royal Guard is for you.

The Royal Navy - This is the secondary mobile force of the British Army. It's main function is to produce able soldiers for joining the British Paratroopers. As a soldier in the RN, you will be expected and funded to fight abroad although moving is not mandatory. If you're someone that want's to eventually become a world renown soldier and doesn't want to bother too much with the political and business side of Erep then The Royal Navy is for you.

Paratroopers - The paratroopers are the largest mobile fighting force in the British Army. They are funded with weapons, moving tickets and gifts in order to fight on behalf of Queen and Country. As a Paratrooper, you will be expected to up and move at a moments notice. If you have a high strength, are active and willing to travel the world then the Paratroopers are for you.

So there you have it. In case you need some more convincing here is a list of benefits from joining the British Army:

1. Friendship - After joining the ranks, each soldier will have the opportunity to communicate with their own squad and soldiers from other squads too!

2. Funding - All branches of the British Army receives funding and equipment to fight in a war on sovereign territory as well as the Royal Navy and Paras being funded and supplied to fight abroad on behalf of Britain. This will help you on your way to becoming the greatest soldier!

3. Knowledge - By joining the British Army, you will be made aware of how incredibly large Erepublik really is and find out about how the country is really run. You'll be taught about different procedures during war times, British Army war tactics, and much, much more.

So, without further ado, I present to you the link to the registration form in which you must fill out to join the British Army. ewtopic.php?f=71&t=864&p=14032#p14032

Squiddy - Commanding Officer of the British Army Reserves.


P.S. Please use Orgs to vote this up!

To join the paras the requirements are 70dmg points.

Here's a link that will give you a damage calculator 🙂

Kind Regards CheeseBall

P.S contact Squiddy or Hassan or HazzN if you are not yet eligible for Paras but still wish to become involved in the military.

The new official sign up thread may be found here:



CheeseBall Day 444, 04:39

CheeseBall here, UK Para CO

Pls if you wish to join the paras contact me 🙂

Mitty Woo
Mitty Woo Day 444, 04:55

I'd throughly recommend joining. The friends you make in the Navy are good one's and we always have a laugh. The Officers, Sergeants and Corporals are always willing to join in on the banter.

You also get to make good connections which can help in all areas of your erepublik life.

Luke Phillips
Luke Phillips Day 444, 05:12

royal navy 4 me 😃

Vettige Swa
Vettige Swa Day 444, 05:14

My name is Vettige Swa, and I approve this message. 😛
Join up and make your country proud!

Glorious Failure
Glorious Failure Day 444, 05:14

I refuse to join the army.

John F Baker
John F Baker Day 444, 06:24

the link doesnt work T_T

shadowukcs Day 444, 06:33

>I refuse to join the army.

you darn hippie!!!!!!

Ulysses Quango
Ulysses Quango Day 444, 06:47

link is broken!

Hassan Pesaran
Hassan Pesaran Day 444, 07:48

If you want to join the Royal Navy and get an extremely quick reply - just message me.

Trooper_c Day 444, 08:35

Join the navy its fun and you get to make lots of friends

P.s-Join Squad A we are the best 🙂

HazzN Day 444, 09:01

Link broken.

Here is the link:

wallyboy444 Day 444, 09:06

your telling me, the inactivity is amazing!

Glorious Failure
Glorious Failure Day 444, 09:32

>>you darn hippie!!!!!!

Nah, just cba fighting for pretty much all of these morons.

A Clockwork Industry
A Clockwork Industry Day 444, 09:39

"Nah, just cba fighting for pretty much all of these morons."

Just a bit of fun!

Vittorio Kaeso
Vittorio Kaeso Day 444, 10:07

It doesnt look inactive too inactive to me 😮

Btw Im still waiting for my message from you guys. 🙁 I feel kinda rejected over here.

Aether Day 444, 11:03

I'll join the Royal guard

romansoldier Day 444, 11:56

great Article 😛

im a Sergeant in the Royal navy

before you go thinking "nah they wont accept me" we will..doesnt matter if u have 0 str 0 force..its my job to turn u into soldiers and throw u up into the paras

Sergeant of Squad A(best squad 😛)Navy

killers967 Day 444, 12:53


The Pink Citizen
The Pink Citizen Day 444, 13:52

Applied and waiting for my RG squad assignment.

Gary Philip Marriner
Gary Philip Marriner Day 444, 14:22

Applied for the Navy! Bring it on!!

Zayne Day 444, 14:57

Any chance we could incite someone into attacking us at home to give the Guard something to do?

romansoldier Day 444, 18:15

lol no =-p the guard are for politions and the navy are for the training soldiers and the paras are for the big men with Q5 Rpg mini guns...on each arm...=-p(serious note paras are for 7.5+ str)

Commodus Augustus
Commodus Augustus Day 444, 20:02

i choose royal navy

CheeseBall Day 445, 23:29

To join the paras the requirements are 70dmg points.

Here's a link that will give you a damage calculator 🙂

Kind Regards CheeseBall

P.S contact Squiddy Hassan HazzN if you are not yet eligible for Paras but still wish to become involved in the military.

The new official sign up thread may be found here:

masduQ Day 445, 02:18

where is the queen? :'p

Sniper Vizma
Sniper Vizma Day 445, 03:47

please may i join my rep is 4. (royal navy plz)

Sniper Vizma
Sniper Vizma Day 445, 03:47

actually no rg

BPSocialist Day 445, 05:01

I don't know how to apply. I'm already part of the army (private) I think.

mbem Day 445, 07:21

in the navy right now

Rayner Day 445, 09:18

want to join followed link but 408 not found?

General Mithrandir
General Mithrandir Day 445, 21:20

I am a sergeant in the Royal Navy- sign up people!

0asishead Day 446, 00:33

we need war badly arent we? ^^

Mr Gunn
Mr Gunn Day 924, 09:51

im joining, add me please

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