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UK elections: our nation, our game!

Day 1,812, 05:27 Published in United Kingdom USA by Niemand

Today there are elections in each nation for country president. They are always on the 5th of each month.

The game rules are easy. Maximum five candidates in each nation. Party presidents can decide to support someone to become candidate. Party presidents can support whom they like but many listen to their party members. Some parties organise polls outside the game.

It is always best to take your time who to select as a candidate. On the other hand game mechanics are the most important.
Many party presidents decided whom to support as candidate on time. Others failed in doing so.

eRepublik is our game, UK is our nation

We have 5 candidates running for country president today:
Talon Karrde got support of 4 parties: TUP, ESO, UKRP & BIP.
Richard Feist is supported by 2 parties: UKPP and NE.
Diakun also gathered support of 2 parties: Libertarian UK & Crackerjack.
Dan Moir is supported by Anarchy (a one member party), Dan Moir (see his avatar) however supports Talon Karrde.
Bonnie Prince Charles is supported by UKAP.

Some people claim otherwise, for example see here. Those people are role playing or even trying to misinform the population. Do not trust them.

Uk citizens see here for the candidates and their supportive parties.

eRepublik is our game and UK is our nation, however we are bounded by the game rules!

Citizens will decide who will be country president, not the role players nor the cheaters!

Vote wisely!



Niemand Day 1,812, 05:28

Remember to vote!

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,812, 08:12

Poor article. WRP and PCP support Richard Fiest and you know it Niemand.

Just because they didnt get their support in on time (and New Era/UKPP spent a lot of time having a discussion about policies, cabinet etc etc) because the ''coalition'' didnt announce their candidate until late. May i remind you that only a few months ago your party epic failed when they chose a candidate who didnt want to run because he would be thats an

Niemand Day 1,812, 08:23

Lol, coming with arguments about TUP because they had a party president that stopped playing several months ago. You are right that was a bad party president of TUP, but In what time zone you are living Hugh?

It is poor timing of the opposition with their candidate. That way they lost the ingame (that is where we are) support of two parties. When ruling a nation and you have bad timing, problems can be very bad.
Topic of this article is this election & how it works ingame!

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,812, 08:47

The point remains that the same key figures run TUP then and now and their judgement has been called into question on numerous articles...refer to the point in my last article that nobody answered ; )

Bad Judgment calls - poor timing...I know which one i would rather have

Niemand Day 1,812, 08:54

I know it are not the same people that runs TUP. Seems you think as non member to know better...
Still it is months ago. Your article (about bashing TUP, your favourite topic) had had some answers, but you do not accept them. In some other articles you can find answers too and in comments under many articles you can find them too.
You are making all things partisan and stick to the past I think.
We must learn from the past, know the game rules and try to focus.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,812, 08:56

It's hard to make bad judgement calls when so few of you help out in government. The OTT anti-elitist evil-government rhetoric scares newer players out of helping run the country for fear of being ostracised by their party. I hadn't realised it until I saw a UKPP congressman say it quite recently.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,812, 09:07

Why are you attacking PCP Niemand?

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,812, 09:10

It seems suitably ironic that a group of people so fanatical about keeping things 'in-game' are now having to claim off-platform support

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,812, 09:30



Huey George
Huey George Day 1,812, 14:13

Interesting article & accurate I guess, the WRP unfortunately missed the deadline to officially support the New Era Country President candidate Richard Feist.

However I would argue it's still within the spirit of the game to un-officially support a candidate via the in-game media and other in-game media.

Much like many citizens are using the proposed "cabinets" to inform their choice between the candidates.

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,812, 14:16

Voted by the way

Citizens will decide who will be country president, not the role players nor the cheaters! x2

Every citizen's vote is very important when deciding the next eUK's CP \o/

Niemand Day 1,812, 14:29

You are right Huey George. It was the timing that was not correct. There is nothing wrong in unofficially support a candidate via the ingame media. Strange however when that is been done by people who attack role playing or claim that there is official support. It is good to do all you can to inform citizens about choices made. The more factual information there is the better choices people can make themselves.

Every citizen's vote is very important when deciding the next eUK's CP \o/ x2

Alphabethis Day 1,814, 07:57

This is the sort of article that eUK was awaiting: "our game, our country". That's the whole point of
New Era campaing, even Hugh said it (unwantedly). IT'S ENOUGH THAT eUK is the private ownership of TUP, it's the eUK citizen's country, not the country of TUP, nor the game of TUP.

We have not left, not surrender, ... get ready for the next ROUND!

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