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TWO CountryBalls

Day 2,038, 18:20 Published in USA Argentina by ComandanteArgentino

Dear friends, panpas, oçes,
The 16 TWO and ACT members in countryballs (Greece, Australia and New Zealand will be added later). Enjoy 🙂

Dedicated to Rauf Raif Denktas, 1st eCypriot titan \o/

**The countryball with the most likes by Friday 23:59 in the official album will be the album cover 😛**
So vote your favorite(s) one(s) in the facebook page 😃

Belarus - Беларусь

Slovenia - Slovenija

Poland - Polska

Montenegro - Црна Гора

Latvia - Latvija

Serbia - Србија

Lithuania - Lietuva

Hungary - Magyarország

United Kingdom

Slovakia - Slovensko

Austria - Österreich


Estonia - Eesti

Republic of China (Taiwan)

Thailand - ประเทศไทย

Spain - España

Are you a D3 or D4 fighter? Are you active? do you like having fun? Are you a TWO soldier? Are you looking for a MU with many DOs so it can also help your MM?

Well, don’t look any further! Join OWL ARMY! We are recruting!

In order to join write a PM to either me or Soloks and we will discuss your admission.

Please, remember to vote, subscribe and shout, this chick already did :3

Wanna see more countryballs? Then click here

Also, if you want, like my facebook page with Spainball's pictures, funny polls, and eR trolling stuff 🙂

Original article by NueveOcho:


NueveOcho Day 2,038, 18:22


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,038, 20:00


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,039, 09:47


Nnico1 Day 2,058, 18:41


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