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TWO and CoT - The Histories [ENG]

Day 2,007, 08:15 Published in Israel Israel by Hunter Willis

Hello everyone,

How are you all?

I've been doing great.

As all of you should know from the massive amount of articles published about this, EDEN has fallen.

Now, a new problem for eIsrael arises.

Since we don't belong to either TWO or CoT, what do we do?

Over my next few articles, I'm going to hunt down the facts, analyze them, gather your opinions, and make all the information available for eIsraeli citizens in an easy to access fashion.

If this turns out great, which I have a feeling it will, I'll make more of these multi-part guides.

For this article, I'm going to just analyze the history of CoT and TWO, looking at their histories and views about how the eWorld should work.

*Most of the information in this article was found in the charters of TWO and CoT. They will be linked to below.*

TWO was founded after an earlier alliance, ONE, fell apart. The main member countries of ONE were still allies, so they made this new alliance. In TWO's charter, under section 2.2, it is clearly stated that TWO members must help each other conquer and defend regions with strategic value. I understand this may sound like a common thing for an alliance to include, but looking at the fact that it is highly emphasized by having a whole section just to state this makes me believe more that the alliance is focused on warmongering, rather than economic development, trade, or protection. As with what happened with the recent conquests by the eSerbs, we can obviously see that the alliance is focused on world domination. Also, in sections 2.3 and 2.4, they focus only on when to continue wars and where to attack. Section 2 is called, "Principles." By the contents of this section, we can easily see the objectives of TWO.
The rest of the charter just outlines alliance leadership roles, how to join, and other technicalities. But as I states above, TWO is an alliance focused on war and nothing else. Anything short of world domination is a lost cause for them.

CoT, on the other hand, is focused on improving the status of its member countries via trade, and protecting each other. As stated in the charter's preamble, "Our attachment to the principles of democracy, equality, transparency and rule of law, resolved to deepen the unity among all of our people and inspired to pursue their happiness by strengthening of our common economy and security." Democracy, equality, transparency, rule of law, unity, common economy and security. These are all indicators telling us that they are focused on growing each other from the inside, rather than from conquest. At the end of the charter, when describing the alliances forces, they clearly state that all member countries must protect each other through Mutual Protection Pacts, alert the alliance leader about signing contracts with non member countries, get approval of the Military Commander in order to start a war, and finally states that the main focus of the alliance is to protect each other's core regions. Again, this doesn't mean they are all daisies and roses, but after reading their charter, they are focused on development.

Thank you for reading my overview of both TWO and CoT.

Both of these will be included in my guide, which you can read here in English.

The Hebrew version will be linked to in the Hebrew translation of this article.

Finally, for the future, I'm looking to write an article that analyzes what the citizens of eIsrael want to do.

So, please take my poll here.

Hope you all learned something and continue to make eIsrael great,


TWO Charter
CoT Charter



Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 2,007, 08:23

nice article cant wait to see more Hunter, however there is no such thing as an economic module in this game anymore, it is ALL about war, so i see nothing wrong with the TWO charter at least it is upfront

Hunter Willis
Hunter Willis Day 2,007, 08:28

Now, yes I agree that there is no economy in this game, but I'm hoping, (probably to be disappointed), that they will fix it. Either way, the big thing I'm focusing on is how CoT is about protection and TWO is about domination. That's what's important.

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 2,007, 08:35

yes its important to know if either would protect Israel , and we all would love to see the economic module come back, but unfortunately us making money in the game doesnt do well for buying gold and thats what the admins want you to do buy gold 🙂

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 2,007, 08:48


ZahiDav Day 2,007, 08:57

מישהו יכול לתרגם את זה?

Israel Zangwil
Israel Zangwil Day 2,007, 09:07

Filled the form and voted (:

TaoLaoTzu Day 2,007, 12:40


John TG
John TG Day 2,008, 06:01

voted and filled!

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