Turkiye vs Bulgaria and Neutrality

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You know Turkey had left the CODE months ago ;

Then they declared that they were neutral but who cares about that? ;

Because the Turkish government couldn't prepare the required documents on time they were not accepted on the neutral side ;

But that didn't stop them, they trained well and worked harder every day;

They even started to have new friends ;

Everybody was so happy to see old friends on the Neutral side ;

Turkiye was helping neutral countries to stand up again;

They were fighting against the disrespectful thinking against their neutrality ;

But Asteria was watching them into the darkness ;

They were gathering all the pieces of information about Turks;

When everything was ready, they attacked of course ;

Turkiye had to be brave ;

and united! ;

Because they were fighting against the biggest alliance of the game ;

Not only the Asteria, but some Neutral puppies also were waiting for the order of their masters fighting against Turkiye ;

Turkiye decided to ruin their TWs and hunt the medals ;

In the meantime, Turkey was so sad and felt betrayed when Greece and England asked them to leave their cores because Asteria threatened them ;

Who could help them? ;

Absolutely! United we sikert!

Turkiye managed to kick Bulgaria from its cores at the end, thanks to her friends! https://www.erepublik.com/en/military/battlefield/668035

We do not know what the future will bring but It was all fun for us;

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