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TUP Family is hitting hardest

Day 1,808, 15:19 Published in United Kingdom USA by Niemand

The best of TUP Family

The struggle for the most daily damage per military unit is fierce in the United Kingdom. Although we struggle for being the strongest military unit we are all united in fighting for the interest of our nation. It is good to see that UK has a new national army and is hitting hard without needed tax money. Some days it is doing more damage than TUP Family, we are glad. More damage for UK is always better!

On day 1,807 TUP Family did the most damage (daily, week, month and kills). Together with all the other military units we are doing fine. We are all needed to help our allies and secure our borders. We will need this now we have a training war with Germany and soon one with Belgium.

The best performers of each division are there for day 1,801 - 1,807.

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Congrats to Sagozart1, The Equalist, keram10 & nebojsa.petrovic, they each earned 5 Q7 weapons.
The prize is given by mwcerberus the fabulous captain of regiment 5.

The numbers 2 earned 3 Q7 weapons (Bohemond4, Fusspawn, Wile E. Wombat & PatriotASR), the numbers 3 (Hamzah Muhammad Yusuf, Bob Arnot, Mr Woldy & Sir Marvin) 1 Q7 weapon. This is been made possible by Prof.Turtal who sadly stopped playing.

Of course we cannot place all of our soldiers, that would make the list too big. Some of them will perform better next week, so they will be in a coming article.

All results came from here.

So when you like a nice military unit with an excellent community and no obligations whatsoever,
join TUP Family.

More energy
The NHS supplies new players. All UK citizens level 24 or under can get 500 Energy free from the NHS with no obligation. They don't have to switch MU's, work in specific jobs, or do anything. They just have to fill out the form, and they get help. That's all there is to it.

The application form for the NHS can be found here:

Some weapons
The Ministry of Defence writes articles about why & where to fight. They are interesting and when commenting UK citizens can get free weapons. Check it out!


Niemand Day 1,808, 15:20

To read about the supplies of TUP Family:

Be there to have fun together and help United Kingdom.

Bohemond4 Day 1,808, 15:24


Thomas765 Day 1,808, 15:28


fagyan Day 1,808, 15:34

i'm on TV \o/
and yeah ! i'm the only one without UK CS 😛
not anymore ....

Hamz Yusuf
Hamz Yusuf Day 1,808, 15:35


Sagozart1 Day 1,808, 15:39

first one again. Yeah xD Voted

The Equalist
The Equalist Day 1,808, 16:19

Glad to be making a difference on the battlefield. Voted.

Spygon Day 1,808, 16:40

Hmm i could ruin this headline 😛

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,808, 16:42

Top work gentlemen. The eUK salutes you O7

Alphabethis Day 1,809, 16:44

I love the welsh flags in the tanks!

FragUK Day 1,809, 22:03

The Legion are doing the most damage in the eUK.

Alphabethis Day 1,810, 04:09

legion doing most damage ??? what ? DISBAND IT INMEDIATLY!

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