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Trip around the world - TURKEY

Day 1,905, 05:05 Published in Turkey Switzerland by Sisk
Cause i feel like this game has little to offer at this moment i`ve started a new jurney around the eWorld.
I will remain in a country until:
I gain 1 Battle Hero medal on their side. OR I organize 1 contest for all citiziens .
My first stop will be in Turkey , Plovdin region of Bulgaria under Turkey occupation since day 1899.
My request was accepted by ArslanbekSultanbekov member of Turkiye Yukselis Partisi
Teşekkürler bana ülkenin vatandaşı olmama izin verdiğin için sürü ve ben dünyadaki tüm iyi dilek
i won a battle hero medal



clskan nakslc
clskan nakslc Day 1,905, 05:07

pirinç o7

Mason Hawkeye
Mason Hawkeye Day 1,905, 08:08

congratulations o7

Boferep61 Day 1,905, 16:44


Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Day 1,910, 02:38


wolfpece Day 1,910, 09:53


good luck


ArslanbekSultanbekov Day 2,051, 13:06


harbi vatandas
harbi vatandas Day 2,293, 13:35

voted 🙂

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