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Training Corps Times: Interview with a First Training Division Officer

Day 1,889, 13:19 Published in USA USA by Malovent

***Interview with a First Training Division Officer***

All-Around Readers, I apologize for not writing an article for sooo long, I have been busy with RL School Work. Finals were last week and teacher spread them throughout a 2 week period (not fun).

About a week ago, I had the chance to interview one of my very own officers (within my Chain of Command). He was first my Platoon Executive Officer, then, when I got promoted to 11th Company Commander, he was promoted to the same platoon as Commanding Officer.

His current state is 11th Company Executive Officer. He is the one who bugged me to let him in the Training Corps in the first place. I present to you... First Lieutenant Infinite One!

Thank You for allowing me to take this time out of your busy schedule to interview you for this article. Please tell our readers about yourself.

In game I am 1st Lieutenant Infinite One. my real name is, Cadom, pronounced Kay-dum. I have yet to hear of anybody else with the same name. I am 27 but about to turn 28 on January 28th, I am married, and have a 13 year old step daughter who will be in high school next year, which is freaking me out because we all know what teenage boys are thinking about.

I am currently pursuing a psychology degree. In the future I hope to start a non-profit adolescent rehabilitation center. Prior to being married and going to school, I played the drums in a touring band named Stickerville for about six years . We mainly toured the North West.

Why and when did you join the Training Corps? Did someone refer you or did you just join on your own?

I joined the Training Corps just one day after I began my life as a eCitizen. I found TC from a article I read that was about CPT Stephens and why he Joined TC. When I read it, I knew that I wanted to join.

How was your experience whilst being a enlisted soldier within the Training Corps?

My experience was fun, I made new friends, I learned a lot, and it made me appreciate all the hard work people do for this game and the eUSA. On the other hand, I grew restless when I had to wait to become a officer. I have never been a very patient person.

Why did you want to become an officer? Were you recommended by a current/former officer of ours or did you just apply out of the blue?

I wanted to become a officer because I wanted to help eUSA. I work hard, I stay active, and I enjoy being a leader. It wasn't long after I became a recruit that I was offered a officer position by both CPT. Stephens and MAJ. Malovent.

Please briefly explain to our readers your rank and positions along with the duties that you are to follow?

My current position is the Commanding Officer of the 111th platoon. This position gives me the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. My job is to welcome new recruits to the Training Corps, make sure they fulfill the requirements to graduate, and answer any questions they have. I try to encourage new recruits to be as active as possible.

That concludes our interview, do you have any additional information you would like to tell to our users?

I would like to thank all Officers that have helped me get this far.

USTC Commander: General Samoht Resyk
USTC Executive Officer: Lieutenant General Blondeninja
USTC 1st Division Commander: Colonel Snorunt30
USTC 1st Division Executive Officer: Major Malovent
Alpha Company Commander: Captain Stephens
All of you have helped me a great deal, and I appreciate all of your help.

Again, Infinite One is the 11th Training Company Executive Officer. Maybe, if you Join the TC, you will be able to meet him.

Join the TC Today!



Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,889, 13:29

voted \o/

Barracuda1 Day 1,889, 13:30

Nice article Mal. You couldn't find a better interviewee 🙂.

Infinite One
Infinite One Day 1,889, 15:25

My only hope is to inspire future recruits. Even if it is just one.... Thank you Major Malovent 😃

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,890, 00:33

TC is awesome!

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,890, 00:37


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,890, 02:57

Voted for TC...

ElvenCRO Day 1,890, 03:19


Aleksandar Sarkovic Day 1,890, 06:33

Comment deleted

ligtreb Day 1,890, 08:01

Voted and subbed. Go TC!

Ruthain Day 1,890, 15:53

o7 TC

kitmen Day 1,893, 02:48

TC officers are busy!

jmurrib21 Day 1,894, 08:41


redbirdusa Day 1,895, 18:21


LeeDO Day 1,897, 02:15

o7 TC

Philip Blackadder Rosovsky
Philip Blackadder Rosovsky Day 1,900, 04:10


Samoht Resyk
Samoht Resyk Day 1,916, 05:46


Predil Day 1,917, 09:30


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