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Training Corps Times: Interview with a Division 3 Officer

Day 1,805, 15:38 Published in USA USA by Malovent

***Interview with a TC Division 3 Officer***

Greetings TC-Times Readers;

The turn of the week has come full cycle as we find ourselves at yet another, dreaded, monday. As promised I have another interview of a Training Corps Officer. This one comes to us from the 3rd Reserves division, his name is Stephen s!

He has been around the block a few times and has seen 3 branches in our military. He is a good friend of mine and an awesome officer. He gladly answered all of my questions, the interview went as follows:

*Please tell our readers what your position and job is within the Training Corps.

“I am a Operations Officer as well as a Platoon Commanding Officer. My job is to process discharges and make sure the soldiers under my command are remaining active and ensuring that they are following orders. If they aren't, I have to talk to them about it to find a solution. I run a tight ship and I have not had to talk to anybody yet because I set the bar high upon their arrival. Many of the soldiers I have trained have gone off to become officers themselves either in the Training Corps or in the other branches of the eUnited States Military. Some of these officers include/formerly include: J.C. Magan, Christina Cordell who was a soldier under Magan who I had trained, Malovent, and several others that may ring a bell.”

*When did you start your career as a TC Officer?

“I started my career in the United States Training Corps in 2010, but I had jumped around to become an officer in the Army, and Mobile Infantry. I then returned to the Training Corps where I am making a career again.”

*Why did you become a TC Officer?

“I became an officer because I love to lead people and help in any way possible for my country. Being an officer in the eUSTC allows me to be part of a group of highly active members of this game and this military community.”

*How was your career in the TC before you became an officer? Explain.

“Before I became an officer in the Training Corps, I went through the motions: working, training, forum stuff, IRC, and fighting.....I had no problem with that, but I felt something was missing...I knew I could do more than what I was expected of and I wanted to show others that.”

*Do you have anything to say to our readers about the Training Corps?

“I would like to clear up several things to any readers out there. The United States Training Corps is a highly active group of players that make a difference every day in the foreign affairs of the eUnited States and her allies. I am not spoon feeding you something to you, there was no teleprompter for me and this interview...this is not just an interpretation, it is a fact... Without the United States Training Corps, other branches such as the marines or mobile infantry would easily have a more difficult time in recruiting and training soldiers. The Training Corps does the most difficult job between all of the eUS Military branches and should receive just credit.”

That concluded my interview with Stephen s. I would like to give a personal thank you to stephen s for allowing me to ask him these questions.

TC-Times writers do not have a interview scheduled for next weeks edition. Instead, we will discuss the history of the Training Corps and how it came to be.

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[TC]Division 3 Officer Interview

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Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,805, 16:13


Verdugo22 Day 1,806, 05:31


jmurrib21 Day 1,806, 09:23

good job!

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 1,806, 12:00

Quite truthful

darksrevan Day 1,807, 07:29


fingerguns Day 1,807, 14:58

I went through Training Corps!


alcarvalho55 Day 1,809, 08:50

Voted and subs
Well done

stephen s
stephen s Day 1,810, 03:41

Thanks Mal for taking the time to interview me:D

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