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Day 1,891, 20:49 Published in USA USA by seeker1

by Col. Ruthain

As it stands now, the admins have achieved their goal of making buying gold the only way to make money in this game. There have been a few articles lately about the futility of investing in companies, one article figured that an investment in a Q7 weapons company now would start making profit in 36 YEARS! Now I'm not presenting a new concept or unveiling the answer to all our problems here, but just looking at a different option to spending your hard earned gold on worthless companies.

My theory is that you'd be better off investing your gold in Training Grounds. Here's the maths bit:

Each of the 4 training grounds costs 170 gold to upgrade so thats 170 x 4 = 680 gold to upgrade all 4. If you do it during the 45% off promotion this takes it down to 374 gold.

To use all 4 training grounds cost 2.87 gold per day. With the 50 gold training contract special offer, training cost is reduced by 90% or 0.287 gold per day. Training contracts run for 30 days so 0.287 x 30 = 8.61 gold per month. Add the 50 gold to that and you fork out 58.61 gold per month on training. That sounds like a lot of gold (About 713 gold per year) and it is but what do you get back from it?

All 4 upgraded training grounds will give you 90 strength per day or 2700 over the 30 days(32850 strength per year!). 2700/250 = 10.8 super soldier medals or 54 gold. You get 9 strength per 5 days for completing your daily tasks or 54 strength or 1 gold worth of medals per 30 days so thats 55 gold per month back from training.

So if you add it all up 58.61 - 55 = 3.61 gold is spent per 30 days for 2700 strength. Assuming you get your hard worker medal every month you could be making 1.39 gold per month(About 17 gold per year) along with your tank making training. At that rate your initial 374 gold investment would be paid back in 22 years 🙁

As I said, nobody is meant to make money in this game anymore except the owners but at least this way you are getting the maximum training every day and it pays for itself pretty much.

Well thats my 2 cents worth on the matter, hope you find this article useful and if I made any maths errors forgive me. I'll see you guys next time o/

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Naufal Zikri
Naufal Zikri Day 1,891, 21:08

PERTAMAXX from eIndonesia

samdoo Day 1,891, 22:13

sounds about right.. It sucks.

ligtreb Day 1,891, 22:28

Good info.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,892, 00:37

Great article~

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 1,892, 00:55

Interesting concept, it's quite sad it will take 22 years to make our money back but we'll survive : )

Tiamati Day 1,892, 01:11

Great Article with Good Info. v/s

Archfeldspar Day 1,892, 01:26

Good article, ePlato seems to agree with you, since one gets 'exploit detected' by PMing the link. eRepublik
advertised themselves as 'an online game where one could make a virtual fortune; in V! companies could make $ and work skills (guru*****😉 had decent 'payback periods'; now all gone, as are worldwide newspapers etc etc. Good V1, now a 'roller coaster ride',

Grand Master of Warfire
Grand Master of Warfire Day 1,892, 01:48

That s exactly what i do 😃 q4 trains and with contract i survive for more str 😃

Ruthain Day 1,892, 04:54

I remember when Q5 companies were worth investing in. Yea wont let me post the link either.

Ruthain Day 1,892, 04:57

This tiny url works though 😃

Marsylianka Day 1,892, 04:59

Comment deleted

Clorofila Day 1,892, 05:07

Day after day, this game gives me less reasons to keep playing it

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,892, 05:34


Shone bate
Shone bate Day 1,893, 01:43

My dear friend, you really do not know anything about earning money : )... Train just first training with Q4 and your monthly profit will be 13.08gold without any Contract. With investment of 93.5gold during the discount of 45% you will need only 7.15 months to start making profit.

Check this calculator

P.S. It is true that your Strength will increase very slow but you will have money : )

kitmen Day 1,893, 02:52

Everything is so expensive!

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,893, 02:58

the rent's too high

DariusReg Day 1,893, 04:51

@Shone bate I am div 2 with 15k str becouse I concentrated only on training, yes I did speend some rl cash but not much since I started playing. Now I can gain 2 bh/day with out bothering, if I would put some effort in it I could gain 4-6/day with maybe 2-3g expense (moving, a rocket, wepons/food etc) now that is profit.

DariusReg Day 1,893, 04:58

@seeker1 90% contract is 53g, your math is a bit off, to be on plus every month you need HW medal +a BH or a TP or even a merc medal. But in 30 day perioud even if you stink, at chosing were you chase bh and have low str, you could still get 1 via saving up things for 30 days, idea to beat Plato is to be pacient, only do one DO/day and 1 work click/4 training clicks (if you got maxed TG) eventualy you get high enough std to get easy BHs especialy since most people dont get the "be pacient part" (this is for div 1/2/3 -div 4 is diferent )

Angelo Oliva Jr
Angelo Oliva Jr Day 1,893, 09:31


Obtain Votes and Subs for your newspaper with Voters Club

Ruthain Day 1,893, 16:03

@ Shone bate useful calculator there, wish I had it a few days ago 😃

Merle Corey
Merle Corey Day 1,893, 16:57


redbirdusa Day 1,895, 18:22


Nfin Day 1,897, 06:48


Barracuda1 Day 1,899, 04:43


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