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Trade Embargo

Day 488, 14:28 Published in Thailand Thailand by sparkster

I have been moving my newspaper around on a recruiting drive and after publishing an article in denmark someone took offence and they are going to put up a trade embargo against us.

Dont ask we why they have done his cause i have no idea, its just a warning that it might happen.




Albert Neurath
Albert Neurath Day 488, 14:35

What the hell? They've seriously proposed a trade embargo against us in Denmark. What happened?

sparkster Day 488, 14:42

This is what my article said with the same picture as above.

Is anyone bored of training and working daily and feel they are not making a contribution in there country?

If so please PM me about a move to eThailand, we are a small nation but your voice is always heard.

thanks for your time and any questions please PM me, sparkster

For some reason the first comment said i say we call a trade embargo against thailand???
Dont have a clue why?

Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts Day 488, 15:21

Forget em. They are obviously idiots. Continue on with your efforts to recruit.

Nouveauk Day 488, 17:19

Somehow, I find it hilarious. Don't worry about it--some countries are led by kids that make decisions based on nothing but whim and entertainment.

sparkster Day 488, 17:37

Cheers for the vote of confidence guys, i just thought i would mention it before it kicked off and then i got a bollocking from the people of Thailand.

Jean-Paul Sartre
Jean-Paul Sartre Day 488, 22:35

I will laugh on this whole day.

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