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TPA did well !! 그리고 한국은!!

Day 1,792, 01:52 Published in South Korea South Korea by JoJoHalIN

The beginning comment :
Congratulations TPA team, the Taiwan eSports team did well 🙂

TPA team won LOL World Chanmpionship Season 2.

Today, I want to introduce my lovely South Korea to many best friends.

South Korean is a small country compare with big countries.

But South Korean people have achieved a great work all the time and will do well in many sections like Economy, Education, Soccer, Baseball, Dramas, Movie, Diplomacy UN 事務總長 ,eSports, Entertainment show programs, K-Pop Music like PSY Gangnam-Style, etc~

And the best thing I want to tell friends that South Korea hadn't attacked other nations in history. South Koreans love peace and have maintained good relations with other nations.

I am very proud of my country and hope South Korea to make good example of many respectable countries.

Long live South Korea!! And I end this short article with best wishes for Asian coutries prosperity. 🙂

Paul Robin Krugman,a Economist won Nobel Prize is giving a speech in Korean university.

South Korea's soccer team won the bronze medal in London Olympic.

Girl's Generation xD

PSY's Concert in Seoul. Gangnam style~

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Many Koreans love peace 🙂

2nd edition- The beatiful nature of Korean will be published.



JUDONG Day 1,792, 01:56

Congratulations TPA 🙂

JoJoHalIN Day 1,792, 03:08

우리 동방예의지국은 잘했는건 잘했다고 칭찬해줍니다.^^

Gunsncoffee Day 1,792, 03:26

부디 eSK도 현실에서 처럼, 확실히 자리매김하는 나라로 거듭나길 바라며...
VS..찍고 갑니다.

1policeKKE Day 1,792, 03:48


Killeroo Day 1,792, 03:58


Jcurve Day 1,792, 04:15

Hail South Korea!! and congratulations Taiwan League of Lengend team

KIDE777 Day 1,792, 05:56

Hey hey hey... Give me more Girls' Generation pics. XD

소녀시대 주세요~

SORA Chung
SORA Chung Day 1,792, 08:58


troylun Day 1,792, 09:03


sinyen Day 1,792, 09:34


Chuth Day 1,792, 11:50

Congrat to TPA, and thank for the introducing of South Korea

Dokabi Day 1,792, 12:01

VS 🙂

KOR_Sohn Day 1,792, 16:17

Vote hard~!! 좋은 기사 감사합니다~ 이 기사를 여러사람이 볼수있게 피드에 샤우팅좀 하겠습니다~ ㅎㅎ

DanielEsp Day 1,792, 16:26

Azubu got owned 😕 I hope they will play the next season. Shy playing for 4 months and getting into finals is awesome 😛

Kwon Eun Seo
Kwon Eun Seo Day 1,792, 16:41


Hong  Brad
Hong Brad Day 1,792, 17:59

LOL 안해봐서 몰겠는데 ㅎㅎ
암튼 잘봤습니다.

brandyrocks Day 1,792, 18:44

칫 롤은!
도타가 최고 😛

Sadanaga Day 1,792, 19:18


dragonism Day 1,792, 23:46

Congratulations TPA 돼만애둘이 언짠헤 지게 응원해줍시다!!!

Celipliz Day 1,792, 23:49

Congrats to TPA, and look forward to more intro on South Korea!

IU Holy Empire
IU Holy Empire Day 1,793, 05:46

에라이 짜장 아일랜드

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