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Top 5 < 3 (part 2)

Day 2,258, 06:34 Published in Albania Albania by Hailbania

S'kam ca t'shkruj thjesht me dal pak n'top 5. Qysh jeni ju a jeni mir (part 2)



jetonsherifi12333 Day 2,258, 07:23

mir mir ti first 😛

x x x ALBANIA x x x
x x x ALBANIA x x x Day 2,258, 08:12

mir ja ben.
dhe ne tu fry syt ne pc.

Invulner Day 2,259, 04:25

Hard Voted.. jam plotesisht dakord me keto qe thua, mire po edhe te neni 4 paragrafi 7 nuk do ishte keq te ndryshonte 😛

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