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Too sexy for you? / poll

Day 2,096, 06:07 Published in Japan Japan by Shadowmaniac

Picture 1 :


Picture 2 :

Write an answer in the comment. 🙂

Best regards,Shadowmaniac.



kowalski_afc Day 2,096, 06:12

And 1st 🙂
between anime and photo - i will pick photo, even if it's with so much photoshop 🙂

Paz Mundial
Paz Mundial Day 2,096, 06:13

sub polee kawaii

Paz Mundial
Paz Mundial Day 2,096, 06:14

of course the 1

Hitoyoshi Day 2,096, 06:16

2 \o/

tarasino Day 2,096, 06:17

The first is much photoshoped that it is a drawing anyway! And the second has a better lingerie.
That's from one of Tony Taka's albums.

Shadowmaniac Day 2,096, 06:45

It is not a question. The question is RL or Anime 🙂

tarasino Day 2,096, 06:54

LOL. The first one is more fake than the second one, i'm telling you!

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 2,096, 07:27

Both aren't real anyway.

M3gatr0m Day 2,096, 07:36



ahava3233 Day 2,096, 08:03

The girl in the top photo looks Anorexic...sigh

kowalski_afc Day 2,096, 09:07

but it's true 😕

DijanaBL Day 2,096, 09:22

1. : D

Darshu Day 2,096, 10:59

They are too old for my taste

ljubisavljev Day 2,096, 11:06


Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 2,096, 11:47


Aister Pendragon
Aister Pendragon Day 2,096, 12:20

need more loli

synhro Day 2,096, 13:24 lolies.

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 2,096, 13:46 xDD
So you say the real question is RL or anime ( girls )? Ofc as everybody else I chose RL and as for the pictures I choose picture number 2, tarasino explained everything.

synhro Day 2,096, 15:00

Yeah, the true motive behind this article is to degrade a certain hobby (i.e. anime & manga) as childish and immature..ignorant and low.

But..everyone recieved it with a cheerful attitude (including me) and brushed it off as a failed attempt.

Shadowmaniac Day 2,096, 16:50

Idiot,only question is RL or anime (girls) what are u like more 🙂 I respect anime and i like that 🙂

synhro Day 2,096, 17:02

Well..even if you say that's the true motive of your article the mentioned question is kinda redundant by default.

With all due respect..who in the right mind would sincerely claim to like 2D girls over the real ones?

Zodiarque Day 2,096, 17:40

I would ^^'

Shadowmaniac Day 2,096, 18:06

Someone 🙂

synhro Day 2,096, 18:32

/me retreats to the corner of shame to weep inconsolably.

Aryzn Day 2,096, 17:38


Anime+Blonde+Blue Eyes > Other lady.

Tzu Liang
Tzu Liang Day 2,096, 18:01

2 for sure
Anime girl always better
But dude, high school uniform is always better than naked...
Naked girl leave man no much room of imagination, no matter in RL or anime
For example when u go to brothel, see a woman naked is boring, i prefer to take all clothes off myself.. .

William of Edenbury
William of Edenbury Day 2,096, 18:42

#2 \o/

synhro Day 2,096, 19:36

Was kinda bored (chronic insomnia to some extent) so i modified the second girl to better fit the taste of my fellow countrymen.

This is mostly meant for CtG without further ado, I present to you: Serbian patriotic anime girl.

Shadowmaniac Day 2,096, 20:27

How much is dmged your brain? What is your problem? 🙂

synhro Day 2,097, 03:09

The better question is what's YOUR problem puny man? It's just a bit of fun.
Go and hide under a rock.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 2,097, 15:34

Thank you turt, Thank you~

bozimano dorks
bozimano dorks Day 2,096, 21:07

1st alal ti vera za ovo tacno si ih provalio kolko su bilde

Shadowmaniac Day 2,097, 05:19

Haha 😃 Mora neko 😃

arhangellord Day 2,097, 00:14


ardishabutaro Day 2,097, 00:58

i want to fuck the #1 and go date with #2

Tzu Liang
Tzu Liang Day 2,097, 01:10

/me shake hands with ardishabutaro

darlosworld Day 2,097, 02:12

To answer the actual question "Too sexy for you?":


No they're not.

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 2,097, 07:57

2 \o/

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