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Too Long Have We Abided Their Tyranny.

Day 841, 20:14 Published in Thailand USA by Gates Schellinger

Now, the time has come to stop it. I ask all eThai citizens to stand with me as we cast of their shackles of oppression, and encourage all congressman to vote yes in the following proposal.

Danish Trading Embargo

(what you were thinking of someone else?)

Some of you might say, but Gates, where will I get my yummy pastries?

To you I say, get AWAY FROM ME YOU DANISH LOVING SCUM. Stop trying to poison my mind with your sympathy.

This embargo is far less then what they deserve, but the Danes are lucky, as we have decided to postpone their inevitable destruction at the hand of the great Thailand hoarde, to aide our allies in defense of their country. You win this time Denmark, but don't get too comfortable, mark my words, We'll GET YOU NEXT TIME.

We all must stand resolute, we let our guard down, and relaxed our stance of the Danish.

I also hereby create a new cabinet position, The Minister of Maintaining Poor Danish Relations. Contact me if you're interested.

That is all, thanks for your time (unless you're danish)



Halfie Day 841, 20:16


baviecasg Day 841, 20:16

I love danishes

St Krems
St Krems Day 841, 20:21


Vincent Garibaldi
Vincent Garibaldi Day 841, 20:34

Hovedstaden is Thailand

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 841, 21:29


Allan Dobrowolski
Allan Dobrowolski Day 841, 21:49

Hahaha, yes!

Spazicus Day 842, 01:54


Damn danishes!

Huckleberry Ryder
Huckleberry Ryder Day 842, 17:54

Finally! Hooray!

Hans Tastad
Hans Tastad Day 843, 06:20

A true leader listens to the people. Behold Gates Schellinger, a true leader!

I am much obliged.

Marked Ninja
Marked Ninja Day 843, 06:44

i loled the law from our side is only random law.

timur1988 Day 843, 15:03


Kostantinos TS
Kostantinos TS Day 850, 05:26


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