Together in UNITY

Day 1,078, 14:05 Published in South Africa Belgium by OKayOK

As we approach the upcoming Presidential Elections we as eSouth Africa stand ready to once again contest the control of our government. I will be the official candidate representing all True eSouth Africans but I ask you not to support me. Rather support the idea of what this country is, rather support freedom, support eSouth Africa. A vote for me is a vote for eSouth Africa. Let’s all stand firm as we face what lies ahead, let this election be us against them. I ask for every one of you to join me.

I have accepted all applications, reviewed them and taken into account what the country needs at this current time. eSouth Africa does not need a major reform, it needs stability. The new cabinet is somewhat smaller than what we might be used of, but it will help us govern the resistance government more effectively.

Vice President:

Ministry of Defense:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Fhaemita Malodorous

Ministry of Information:
Bobady Zoo

Ministry of Security:

Ministry of Social Development:

These are my running mates! Deputies and Directors will be announces after the election.
Thank you again for the trust you have put in me!

Mark Morcom