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Today we are victorious! [VOIX]

Day 2,007, 05:34 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Voix of Macedonia

Dear friends

A great battle! These are the only words that can describe what has happened in the battle Macedonia - Turkey is simply epic! One of the most epic battles in the eHistory!

There were great heroes on the both sides, and there was very small difference that made the result. Anyway we have lost this battle, but we have remained victorious!

Look at the TOP 6 MU Tournament

From here you can see that we have already won this battle. From six MU's, five are from countries that are friends to Macedonia! o/

The Biggest Victory!

In this part there is one victory that is the biggest of all, a victory that NO battle could win it! This is the victory of true friendship!

First of all I must mention Serbia! Guys you were great out there! What is most important you have shown to Cookies Crips (the greek lover) that the Macedonian - Serbian friendship could not be broken by some trolls like him! You have shown that you remember our help to you and vice verse. In this case the biggest looser is Baby Plasma (Cookies).

Second I must mention our greatest ally Bulgaria! Like always there are where we need them! Nothing more could be said! Respect brothers! o/

Third I must mention USA. There are showing that they can be great allies. Max, Collin.... thank you guys! We won't forget this!

Then also I must mention our other allies:

Chile also like Bulgaria are always there for us! Thank you!
Brazil thank you!
Indonesia one of our oldest friends! Thank you!
Russia had even proposed Turkey for NE! True friends! Thank you!


За членовите на Македонската Армија

Задолжително е сите да го ставите овој аватар на вашите профили!!!

Да се знае кога удираме ние!!!




Kabasshii Day 2,007, 05:36

Plato,is that you ?


CMPT HA HEBEPHA MOMA Day 2,007, 05:37


theirina Day 2,007, 05:37

The Battle Is Lost, But The War Has Just Begun!

veljoxD Day 2,007, 05:41


Morrpheus Day 2,007, 05:37


Bubo. Day 2,007, 05:37


Prophet009 Day 2,007, 05:38

It was a good fight today...

and ofc SERBIA IN COT! o/

JovanJovanovic1988 Day 2,007, 16:24

We should fight for Turkey? Macedonia is our friend, what is problem with that?

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 2,007, 19:03


Ely.nea Day 2,007, 05:39

epic battle : congrats to every fighter !

Albus Day 2,007, 05:40

You Fought bravely my friends

Respect from Iran

Lets always remember that this is just a game

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 2,007, 05:40

Always happy to help our allies. ^ _ ^
80-85 is a close fight. There is always next time. ^ _ ~

Voix of Macedonia
Voix of Macedonia Day 2,007, 05:41

Thank you again friend!

Zhonga Day 2,007, 05:53

thank you Max and onther eUSA fighters

El Che G
El Che G Day 2,007, 05:40

Just to say hello to our dear Iranian Government,we will never forget you

theirina Day 2,007, 05:43

Oh, sure, why not...

"Our Dearest Iran Govs..."

Denis SpirOooO
Denis SpirOooO Day 2,007, 06:21

and we will delete you !

Light Angel
Light Angel Day 2,007, 12:44

spirka be bratu vote imas na ova : )

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,007, 05:42


kokan p
kokan p Day 2,007, 05:44

Just to say hello to our dear Iranian Government,we will never forget you +1 next target of Macedonian Army

YouFap Day 2,007, 05:46

You were never, and you will never be real Macedonians.
Μακεδονία Γη Ελληνική noobs 😉

Chucky001 Day 2,007, 05:50

your opinion is not important u*ly frog :.)

kocc Day 2,007, 05:58

man, you are the Greeks we are Macedonians, you can not be both

YouFap Day 2,007, 06:12

Macedonias, Spartans, etc. are all Greeks. time to understand some true things. 😉

stroumfita4 Day 2,008, 04:53

you cannot be a descendant of the Ancients Macedonians, just because you live in a part of geographical Macedonia, which actually it was never part of the ancient kingdom of Macedon. Tou ignorants slavs.

TranoMKD Day 2,007, 06:22

од на мајкати тетрапакон!
пс оди преведи на трансејт хахахах 😁)

YouFap Day 2,007, 06:24

συνέχισε να μιλάς σλάβικα και να νομίζεις ότι ειναι μακεδονικά. καληνύχτα.

stroumfita4 Day 2,008, 05:04

for science is not recognized as a right, to create ethnonymio by geographical area, which do not belong wholly, and name a language by geographical area. There is no Macedonian language. Macedonian's language is the Greek language, no matter what they make you believe. The reason they created a new language and named it Macedonian and displayed it as the national language of nowhere is because they want to SPECIFY nationality under national language. But the truth is in the books. So many proofs that indicate ONE AND ONLY THING. Η ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΉ.

TranoMKD Day 2,007, 06:26

ма не е проблем ти само јавии и се и ќе ја средиме работава...

poletarec Day 2,007, 07:25

pakistanians turks,somalians,arabs etc. living in greece aare greeks as well 😉

poletarec Day 2,007, 07:26

you forgoted to count them 😉😉😉

YouFap Day 2,007, 07:37

thats different as they come from different civilizations. if later they marry greeks and make children, their descentants have to be counted as greeks. but this is another topic. you claim to be descendants of Alexander, but you dont even speak the same language as him.

The Phoenixmkd
The Phoenixmkd Day 2,007, 07:58

So in Greece when u marry women u take the women surname? So if you marry greece girl you are greek? Ahahahahahaha. That is maybe true because u are gay country and there are no real mans. I will just say "There are no bigger fools in these world than the greeks(or the gays sry)". Macedonia forever.

poletarec Day 2,007, 07:52

Just visit Solun,Lerin ,Kostur etc.and get try to find Vinozito(Rainbow) Macedonian organization ,you will see the real Macedonians with no human rights in Euro Country such as greece is...Maybe you will see the other site of YOUR issue about true Macedonians history

YouFap Day 2,007, 08:00

and you also find and try to read inscriptions on ancient findings and texts about Alexander. anyway, at least you can discuss about it, unlike most of your stubborn friends who dont even hear a word about it. have a nice day. i am going to concentrate on my work now.

poletarec Day 2,007, 08:04

Have a nice day too, i'm just finishing my shift now...Peace in the World, Peace in our Hearts +

VAse the Great
VAse the Great Day 2,007, 08:09

That's just your opinion,and you have right on that, but like Americans says, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one .
Btw, you have no right about ancient Macedonians, read some history from real historians, not from Greek government and their allies propaganda books. Here is the link :
and expecially for the ethnicity and language of ancient Macedonians :

Bocky Rocky
Bocky Rocky Day 2,007, 16:07

Don't feed the neo-hellenic troll please. I bet he doesn't even know the meaning of the word hellenic in ancient koine...

stroumfita4 Day 2,008, 05:17

OH MY GODNESS! WHAT ARE THEY TELLING YOU>??? what ever we, as Hellenes, represent, is written IN ANCIENT BOOKS. i can sent you to read ancient books from Aristotelis, Stravonas and mainly Irodotos. NOT NOWDAYS BOOKS. so take all this craps that you take them as proofs and GIVE ME REAL PROOFS.

YouFap Day 2,008, 09:30

at the moment i dont have time to read and open this huge topic, but just a question. have you found any inscriptions or texts in this evidence that looks alike the language you speak nowadays?

YouFap Day 2,008, 09:32

isnt there any possibility that your ancestors just came and inhabited this region of Macedonia many years later without having any direct relationship with them?

SmkD Day 2,007, 05:48


NandN from Macedonia
NandN from Macedonia Day 2,007, 05:50

Hail all COT

CobeMakedonski Day 2,007, 05:51


Shanix Day 2,007, 05:52

Hail Macedonia
Hail Serbia
Hail USA
Hail Chile
Hail Brazil
Hail Indonesia
Hail Russia

fagyan Day 2,007, 05:52

sorry but I didnt see Greece-Turkey battle today 😕 did i miss sth ?
the epic battle today which you lost was FYROM-Turkey. amirite ?

Denis SpirOooO
Denis SpirOooO Day 2,007, 06:22

For this fyrom eIran wont exist 🙂

fagyan Day 2,007, 06:24

Like i care
Why dont you aristrike Poland ? no balls ?

Denis SpirOooO
Denis SpirOooO Day 2,007, 06:25

you will pay 😉

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