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Day 1,781, 09:35 Published in North Korea North Korea by Kim Jong Paek

today, takes place the elections for choose our new President, or for reconfirm the actual.
in all the country people has gone to the vote places, and the last exit poll give in advantage the actual President MeiFawAn, who has held our Great Country in good and prestigious manner since the death of the Eternal President KIM IL SUNG.
our hope is that after the elections the honorate President can continue his beneficious opera, for make this Country the Best and the First of all world!
Manse KIM IL SUNG, manse KIM JONG IL, manse MEIFAWAN!!! MANSE!!!

the Choson Sinbo director



The Killer Wind
The Killer Wind Day 1,781, 10:50

who is you? spanish?

Kim Jong Paek
Kim Jong Paek Day 1,782, 02:54

I'm italian... Why?

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