Day 4,752, 21:56 Published in Iran Iran by Janty F

Greetings, fellow Iranians and citizens of the world!

an article from good old Janty F - what a surprise. Is it something grand? Some surprising announcement? Some political scheme or satire? Or tedious statistics article about how economics is wrong again? Naaaaah... can't be bothered with that, have better things to do and nobody would want that anyway. But something good happened today, which requires me to put all the extra effort to write article anyway 😛 .

Several years ago, I sweared I won't leave this game, until I hit Legendary rank (because I thought I will never be able to reach it, so I will stay here forever and inherit all your riches and nations, bwahahahaha!). Well... today though, impossible happened, and I am one step closer to the Legendary goal 🙂 . And only one final step remains!!! New Titan*** is in the house!

It took 10 whole years to get here, so now I assume I will be hitting the Legendary rank (and hopeful retirement) before the end of 2030. Would be cool to hit it like... next year or something, I mean, it's "just 450k hits away", and other people did it in a year too... but knowing my luck and dedication, 2030 seems like much more realistic prediction. It's not like I know, where I want to collect the Legend anyway, so might as well take some time with it 🙂 .

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