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Tick Tock (laments of a level 29'er)

Day 1,887, 20:44 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by GameChanger

A poem I wrote when I realized that I have but a few days before I reach division 3.

Tick Tock, tick Tock
My time here is almost up

BH's, CH's, level ups, say goodbye
Not to be seen for many a moon, think I.

The damage too much,
My strength, too little
To make a difference, will test my mettle.

The blue bar, almost complete
Showing progress, but feeling defeat

When will I be a hero again?
A hero of battles, a hero of men.

The gold packs lure, I admit
But solid in my conviction, I sit

One day, I shall rise from the dust
But patience, I fear, is a must

I have fond memories, it must be said
But I am looking forward, ahead.

A new chance, a new start, it would seem
A place where I can complete all my dreams.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock
My time in div 2 is almost out

Tl;dr: BAWWWWW at moving to div 3.



PaulMoadibe Day 1,887, 22:11

nice.. 🙂

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