Through the Eyes of a New Player - Maverick Goh

Day 511, 05:14 Published in Australia Australia by StewartB

I started eRepublik about 2 months ago after coming across an advertisement for it in a Japanese comic website (of all places!). I was intrigued by what it said, and so I joined eRepublik thinking it was just an online game of war. How wrong I was!
When I first started out and looked at the career paths available, I thought the possibilities were endless! Here was my chance at being a person I would struggle to be in real life, such as being a general manager of a company, or a country president! This was my chance to experiment with things in the online world which would be very difficult to do in real life.
I have to say that starting out was relatively easy for me, as there were plenty of instructions awaiting new players. My wellness was also given a big boost of 10 by the kind Broadside, and at that time I didn’t know he was a senator. Thus, I was impressed that in this game, a senator would be so willing to help a normal civilian, which is hard to see in real life!
Citizens like Broadside are what make this game so enjoyable. It’s not everyday you can chat with politicians in RL, but you can do it in eRepublik! As mentioned earlier, the chance to do different things like managing a company is a big challenge that I would like to undertake.
On the flipside, I don’t like seeing personal attacks on people, and this has unfortunately happened recently. Thankfully, this does not happen often.
I plan to make a difference in eRepublik by hopefully building a successful company that will help eAustralia’s economy and maybe even a spot on the Cabinet in the future to serve eAustralia!