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Thoughts to the Renaissance

Day 1,981, 05:44 Published in Israel Israel by A.Ali

The Serbians are conquering Israel for too much time , and every player wants to get rid of Serbia .
e-Serbia is a big , large country . Conquering more then 30 regions that don't belong to the country .
So , to get rid of Serbia :
The Israeli leaders could contact the presidents of other countries and free their regions in a war , but , if it will work , it had to be in one day . if there was more then 10 wars against Serbia in one day , the Serbians will get distracted and the regions will fall back easily .
So , who agrees ?



NewSaver Day 1,981, 05:54

לך תגרום לכל המדינות לעשות את זה...

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 1,981, 08:31

i don't agree at all - if it was that easy, we would have done it many days ago...

the hard truth is that we are to blame - the only way to insure our independence as a country, not even regarding the serbs themselves, is to take the time and invest in the new israeli players... a bigger batter community is the only way to go... fighting is fun but fight in this game is tactics... building a big, stronge community - that's strategy !

Der Golem
Der Golem Day 1,981, 14:09

I agree with Seargent Autumn, and I add: we should stop trying to release all regions at once.
Only one at a time. Then elect a congress, pool resources, strengthen alliances and regain a new region. One at a time!

We must avoid the waste of resources by opening successive RWs, we must have a firm command warning to not fight in successive RWs unnecessary.

Collin Patton
Collin Patton Day 1,982, 10:17

I agree with Der Golem. Take back one region, then hold it while we can form more MPPs with other nations. Maybe we could reach out to nations like Greece, China, USA, and Brazil?

eyk 1
eyk 1 Day 1,981, 23:53

אפשר תרגום?

Art3mix Day 1,981, 23:59

well, sergeant autumn, i agree with you but (big one) if we will free all of the regions, serbia couldn't take them over again so easily, AND 10 wars is harder to manage then 1 or 5, no matter how strong their are, 10 wars a day, after few days, it will drain their resources, but it must be many wars a once!

Omerm007 Day 1,982, 03:12

I agree with you.

Attacking every time only at one place is bad idea.
Serbia will easily occupy it back, but if every country will
fight only one battle against them at the same time,
they won't have a chance to survive.

(Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes)

אני מסכים איתך.

לתקוף כל פעם במקום אחד הוא רעיון גרוע.
סרביה בקלות תכבוש אותו חזרה, אבל אם כל מדינה
תלחם רק קרב אחד נגדם באותו זמן,
לא יהיה להם סיכוי לשרוד.

A.Ali Day 1,982, 06:10

Yes . That's what I've meant . not necessarily 10 wars , abut at least every country which have a Serbian occupied region , could make a war . one war plus one war in another place equals a huge victory .

gshgsh Day 1,982, 08:15

אני מסכים והפאל לכידום ראיון זה

yuvalhirsc Day 1,982, 08:36

I agree אני מסכים

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