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This is Offence and Propaganda (I warned you)

Day 2,175, 02:38 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by JaredBeare

Hi I'm Jared,
This is what I think of tup.

Now time for the hate comments, yay!

This is my party, Modern Vision! Yay!

This is how I feel when I lose bh medals to gold buying morons.

Thanks for reading, i spent 5 minutes writing this.



JaredBeare Day 2,175, 02:43

Yes, first to comment and first to vote!

G.Walker Day 2,175, 02:47

Comment deleted

G.Walker Day 2,175, 02:47

Yes, second to comment and second to vote!

G.Walker Day 2,175, 02:50

Truly a great article indeed, are you sure you aren't a reincarnation of William Shakespeare???

JaredBeare Day 2,175, 03:00

Well many have pondered the same question, my answer: who knows?

G.Walker Day 2,175, 03:01

Well... you should... 🙂

Sekula Vasiljevic
Sekula Vasiljevic Day 2,175, 03:29

Remarkable article Jared!.You"ll soon become greater than Sheakspeare!!!.Voted,subed,shouted!!.All the best on CP elections!.Greetings from sunny Australia.

JaredBeare Day 2,175, 03:35

Thanks Sekula, best of luck in Australia.

Sekula Vasiljevic
Sekula Vasiljevic Day 2,175, 03:39

Next month on Congress elections maybe I"ll get into Australian Congress or how they are called"Senate",and surely I"ll needed luck.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,175, 03:59

Voted, don't know why because I f*cking hate Pokemon...yeah kids keeping animals in a tiny enclosure and getting them to fight is okay for it in a small warehouse as an adult and watch the f*cking fines fly at ya

Alphabethis Day 2,175, 10:53

pokemon aren't animals, it's just a sublimination of our lust to make money out of silly cartoons.

Jimbobfrey Day 2,175, 13:27

No, no, no. It's perfectly legal so long you keep your animals in cute little red and white balls 😉

Vaso1 Day 2,175, 04:03

Trully the best article lately. Is J.K.Rowling something to ya?

JaredBeare Day 2,175, 04:19

I will send the grand prize of 10GBP to anyone if they can tell me which film the first picture is from.

G.Walker Day 2,175, 04:22

I believe its the new Miley Cyrus documentary film!

JaredBeare Day 2,175, 04:23

Close... But no that is not the right answer.

G.Walker Day 2,175, 04:24

Well I'm out of ideas then...

Darth EVader
Darth EVader Day 2,175, 08:08


JaredBeare Day 2,175, 08:14

You Win!

Joshinius Day 2,175, 18:30

akira Day 2,175, 12:48


JaredBeare Day 2,175, 13:00

I think the picture explains how I feel about TUP.

VaultGuy Day 2,175, 12:59

This has gone from 13 to 49 votes in the space of 10 minutes, something seems a little odd.

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 2,175, 14:19

Bought votes

JaredBeare Day 2,176, 07:29

I would never buy votes I'm totally against ruining the game for others. I don't even buy gold, to buy votes would just undermine everything I believe.

tsakali Day 2,175, 13:07


Giorgos Zaikos
Giorgos Zaikos Day 2,175, 13:55

All hail the Pikachu Party \o/


Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 2,175, 14:36

The irony that this has the same number of votes as Horice's is not lost on me.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,176, 00:21

lol nice article !


Thomas765 Day 2,176, 01:01

Coulda caught a better pokemon dude

JaredBeare Day 2,176, 07:30

Next time there will be more Pokemon, just for you.

xXx P l a y a G i r o n xXx
xXx P l a y a G i r o n xXx Day 2,176, 10:20

pure troll by heart. Grand! 🙂

Bohemond4 Day 2,176, 11:43


Orinocco Day 2,177, 01:39

My 5 year old niece could have done a better article in 2 mins.

G.Walker Day 2,177, 07:36

But could you... didn't think so!

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