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Three Days of Irish History to Make Up.

August 10

1316 - Battle of Athenry. Irish rising in support of Edward Bruce of Scotland
1636 - The Annals of the Four Masters is completed
1719 - The House of Commons proposes that all unregistered priests in Ireland should be branded on the cheek. The plan is ultimately abandoned.
1854 - A statutory provision is made for the establishment of a national gallery of paintings, sculpture and fine arts in Ireland
1857 - Death of John Wilson Croker, Galway-born politician and writer
1890 - Death of journalist and republican John Boyle O’Reilly
1848 - Birth in Clonakilty of William Hartnett, master of still life painting
1886 - Death of Joseph Medlicott Scriven from Seapatrick, Co. Down, who wrote the words for What A Friend We Have In Jesus
1920 - Death of actor James O’Neill, in Kilkenny. Remembered for his portrayal of the Count of Monte Cristo, he was also the father of playwright Eugene O’Neill
1928 - Peter Barry, Fine Gael politician, is born in Co. Cork
1971 - Birth in Co. Cork of soccer star Roy Maurice Keane, the "human dynamo"
1975 - Death of Robert Barton, last of the surviving 1921 Treaty signatories
1984 - John Treacy wins a silver medal in the marathon at the LA Olympics
1998 - Car clamping of illegally parked cars is introduced in Dublin
1998 - After 26 years on the air, Gay Byrne confirms he will quit his RTÉ morning radio programme at Christmas and will give up the Late Late Show next June
1998 - After serving 21 years, William Moore, the last member of the terrifying Shankill Butchers Gang to remain behind bars is released, despite a Judge's recommendation that he should never go free. He was given 14 life sentences for his role in the abduction and murder of 19 innocent Catholics
1999 - Lakes featured in The Quiet Man are put on the market
2000 - Ruth-Kelly Walsh from Bray, Co. Wicklow wins the special prize for the 'Most Creative Hat' in the RDS Ladies Day Competition at the Kerrygold Horse Show.

August 11

1691 - A Jacobite force under Patrick Sarsfield, guided by Galloping Hogan, destroys a Williamite siege train at Ballyneety, hampering the siege of Limerick
1835 - Henry Grattan Guinness, is born in Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
1894 - Dan Breen, nationalist revolutionary and politician, is born near Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary
1927 - After the Free State general election on June 9, de Valera and Fianna Fáil enter the Dáil as the largest opposition party; the Cosgrave administration brings the Farmers' Party into government (independent Ireland's first coalition government, though not so called)
1927 - The Electricity Supply Board (ES😎 is established to control the Shannon hydro-electric scheme and take over all existing projects for the electrification of Ireland
1979 - Disaster overtakes the Fastnet Challenge yacht race when the biggest-ever fleet of 303 vessels is caught in a vicious storm. Seventeen people lose their lives
1998 - Fine Gael warns that many farmers who are at the mercy of the worst harvesting weather for 20 years will have no incomes by Christmas unless the Government adopts a strategy to help them out
1999 - Last almost-total solar eclipse of the century takes place in Western Europe. Cloud cover in many parts of Ireland spoils the view, but hundreds in Croke Park, Dublin watch the phenomenon under cloudless, blue skies
2000 - Hugh O'Flaherty's nomination to the European Investment Bank may be in jeopardy after the bank confirms it has the power to recommend someone else for the job
2000 - The Royal Ulster Constabulary welcomes deal which will allow a low-key policing operation for a loyalist march at the weekend in Derry.
2003 - Model plane goes transatlantic after "The Spirit of Butts Farm" - named after its testing site - lands safely in County Galway, Ireland, 38 hours after it took off from Canada. The balsa wood and mylar plane flies 3,039 kilometres (1,888 miles). US, Canadian and Irish engineers work together using satellite navigation and an autopilot system overseen by engineers and radio operators using laptop computers.

August 12

1646 - Archbishop Giovanni Rinuccini, papal nuncio to the Irish Confederate Catholics, condemns their adherence to Ormond's peace terms for failing to fully recognize Catholicism
1652 - 'Act for the Settling of Ireland' allows for the transplantation to Clare or Connacht of proprietors whose land is confiscated by Cromwell to meet promises to adventurers and soldiers; also known as the "To Hell or Connacht" Act
1796 - Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin receives its first prisoners
1804 - Birth of James Whiteside, orator and Lord Chief Justice, in Delgany, Co. Wicklow
1821 - George IV begins his visit to Ireland; he is received enthusiastically by O'Connell and others
1822 - Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, commits suicide by cutting his throat with a penknife
1870 - Sir Hubert Gough, soldier and participant in 'Curragh mutiny' of 1914, is born in Gurteen, Co. Waterford
1898 - Irish Local Government Act sets up elective county and district councils
1899 - First issue of James Connolly's Workers Republic
1914 - Death of John Holland, from Liscannor, Co. Clare, designer of the first submarine
1920 - Terence MacSwiney, Lord Mayor of Cork, arrested by British; he immediately goes on hunger strike
1922 - Arthur Griffith, founder of Sinn Fein, dies of a cerebral hemorrhage
1969 - British troops are deployed in Northern Ireland after riots in Derry and Belfast
1998 - Freak twister ravages Martinstown in Co. Antrim; no injuries or fatalities are reported
1999 - Memorial service is held for the victims of the Omagh bomb attack
2001 - Playing to a capacity crowd at the Manchester Evening News Arena, U2 kicks off their European tour with a plea for peace in Northern Ireland
2001 - Loyalist protesters block a main road in north Belfast to prevent the republican Wolf Tone flute band from joining a major march commemorating the 20th anniversary of the 1981 IRA hunger strikes

Anthony Colby

The name Colby has an illustrious history and has produced many persons of note. History is peppered with members of the family and many Colby family members or persons associated with the family who have made both small and large contributions to world history.

Ancient History

The first Colby of note was one Antonio Colby who founded the Greek City of Colbytopolis in ancient times. Colbytopolis was a city state in the Mediterranean Sea that was the center of learning and trade for several surrounding cities and islands. Sadly the city's location was lost to history with legend describing the destruction of the city to the Mythological Krakken after someone in the city displeased the God Poseidon. Some historians even theorize that the city is the basis for the fabled city of Atlantis.

Middle Ages

Next in the History of the Colby family comes Anthony Colby who founded a city in northern Europe that was a thriving center of trade and culture. Starting with a small band of settlers Colby built the city which eventually came to control surrounding regions after many successful military campaigns to drive out the many barbarian and bandit tribes.

Engraving of city founded by Anthony Colby

The city was attacked and destroyed by a band of mercenaries hired by the local bandit tribes who were upset with the losses they were feeling to the armies of Anthony Colby. Colby's family escaped the destruction by fleeing into the woods and hiding until the marauders were gone. A six month journey was finished when the family reached England. Anthony's son wrote abut the escape and journey in a tale that has been studied by historians to figure out who the mercenaries were. Colby's son wrote...

"...came just after sunset. They rode down upon us screaming and yelling and killing everyone they could see. Their leader kept on about something he called reptillians and telling everyone to head the Word. No of us knew what he was talking about. I don't know if what he was talking about was real but by the look in his eye I knew he was completely insane."


The Colby family finally settled in the Norfolk area and founded the town of Colby which still exists today.

From Wikipedia

Colby is a village and a civil parish in the English county of Norfolk. The village is 8.6 miles (13.8 km) south of Cromer, 16.8 miles (27.0 km) north-north-west of Norwich, 5.2 miles (8.4 km) west-north-west of North Walsham and 131 miles (211 km) north-east of London. The nearest railway station is at North Walsham Railway station where the Bittern Line from Cromer to Norwich can be accessed and the national rail network beyond. The nearest airport is Norwich International Airport. The village lies a small distance east from the A140 Cromer to Norwich road. The parish of Colby in the 2001 census, has a population of 524. For the purposes of local government, the parish falls within the district of North Norfolk.

In the New World

The first of the Colby family to land in America was another Anthony Colby. This excerpt is from the Colby Family Association Website.

Anthony Colby came to New England with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630 for in that year he was of Boston and recorded as a church member. He was of Cambridge as early as 1632 when he owned land and buildings there, and was still there when, on 14 May 1634, he took the oath of "freeman" before the General Court in Boston. About 1637 he moved to the settlement at Ipswich, but soon thereafter moved on to Salisbury, then called Colchester, where he received land in the first division of 1639. Additional grants of land were given to him by the town of Salisbury in 1640 and 1643. Anthony Colby was one of the original settlers of the "newtown", now called Amesbury, where he was made a commomer on 19 March 1654, receiving a grant of land there in that same year as well as grants in subsequent years. He died intestate, 11 Feb. 1660/1, in Salisbury, Mass., and the inventory was taken on 9 March 1660/1

Anthony was the first Colby in America but certainly not the last. His descendents include...

Bainbridge Colby (U. S. Secretary of State, 1920-21)

Joseph Smith, Jr. (Founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

William Egan Colby (CIA)

Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie)

Anthony Colby (Governor of New Hampshire)

Richard Bruce Cheney (Vice President of the United States, 2001-)

Gardner Colby (Colby College & President-Wisconsin Central RR)

Chester A. Arthur (21st President of the United States)

Stoddard B. Colby (Register of the U.S. Treasury)

Susanna Martin ( executed during the Salem Witch Trials )

Anthony Colby in eIreland

Probably the best known Colby of today would be Anthony Colby of the Nation of eIreland. Colby is currently a member of the Irish Dail and publisher of The Maine Frontier as well as having served in the cabinets of several Administrations.

Colby started out life in the eUnited States. Quickly learning that advancement would be difficult in such a large population Colby moved to the newly found Nation of eBolivia for adventure and to gain some experience. Colby quickly gained the friendship of many of the founding fathers of eBolivia and soon got elected to Congress. Colby also served as President of several Political Parties and as the nations Minister of Health and Minister of Foreign Affairs for English Speaking Nations as well as Minster of Defense under President XIII. After several months in eBolivia Colby decided on a change.

Colby arrived in eIreland on Day 798. Colby quickly joined the Irish Defense Force and was assigned to the Dundalk Fusiliers. Over time and military reorganizations Colby was in or in command of the Dundalk Fusiliers, the Irish Tank Forces and eventually was Commanding General (a largely ceremonial post )until the position was disbanded with the creation of the Irish Army. Colby also served two terms as Minister of Defense where in his first term Ireland successfully conquered Northern Ireland for the first time in eHistory during the term of President Nogin the Nog.

Colby has also served in non military capacities in his adopted nation. He has served as a Congress person for 15 terms and has been Minister of Community for five terms as well as co Minister of Community several other times. He has also served as CC for Congress as well as the current administrator for the eIrish University. Colby is also a part time Ghost Hunter.

Anthony Colby will continue to work tirelessly for the nation of eIreland.

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Anthony Colby