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Day 4,369, 02:39 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

Probably wont be but if I disappear because of some arbitrary ruling it will be because of this controversial article. 😛

The question I was left with after i could not afford Blitzkrieg was . Do I really need it?

Certainly I have a massive demand for energy .

But for me a key principle is that if you spend money on a pack its value must be returned to you in the game and on top of that it must also profit your account.

As a factory owner for me its about the money I made. And lately I saw that even at mass production one gets about up to the Blitzkrieg pack where the pack sells for

5000 x 144 tokens = 720000

So you work all month and then you have enough money to buy another blitzkrieg and maybe a power pack.

Circle Logic therefore I need blitzkrieg ..because it gives me energy . which gives me enough buy Blitzkrieg...which i need because it gives me more energy ...which gives me enough buy Blitzkrieg....

almost like...

Which is why I remodeled my factories around the energy for a normal player without blitzkrieg

Now if you check my holding companies you can see that I can basically with 1500 energy which a normal player has work in any factory. I am still using power pack and may some months buy myself blitzkrieg.

So what I did is I moved about 200 factories between Cork and Mayo.

Mayo is my residence so each day I can start there without traveling. Yes with bonuses this is not the most lucrative areas but I still make money there.

Other positives are that I need not manually click on individual factories. Secondly, my holdings are much more diversified so if there are wars against countries where my holding companies are situated I can just switch off that production.

Yes my production is far less than it would be with blitzkrieg.

In 7 days I produced

(1)Day 4360 -:- 62000 Q1 Food 112 Q7 Weps

(2)Day 4361 -:- 50000 Q1 Food 112 Q7 Weps

(3)Day 4362 -:- 9400 Q1 Food

(4)Day 4363 -:- 93500 Q1 Food 112 Q7 Weps

(5)Day 4364 - I skipped this day

(6)Day 4365 -:- 56000 Q1 Food 132 Q7 Weps

(7)Day 4366 -:- 132 Q7 Weps

(😎Day 4367 -:- I skipped this day

perhaps still recovering from this day woot woot

(9)Day 4368 -:- 65700 Q1 Food 132 Q7 Weps

(10)Day 4369 -:- 65500 Q1 Food 132 Q7 Weps

In 10 days I produced +- 400000 Q1 Food and 864 Q7 Weps.

The days I skipped I probably would have skipped anyway though I didnt skip training and working that days.

Normally my Q7 production would also be the same but my Q1 production would have been 93500 x 7 = 645000

Therefore my income without blitzkrieg is at current prices +- 200000 iep for the q1 food

and 99360 for the q7 weps

it would have been 325000 for the q1 food and 99360 for the q7 weps

In a 30 day period though

without blitzkrieg = 880500 iep
with blitzkrieg = 1.27 million minus 720000 cc = 553080 cc

however i did not account for my workers that work mostly to make me houses. our prices are currently good. However we were selling at 27 iep and 87 iep for a long time.

At 0.27 in blitzkrieg ones income would be 702000 iep for the q1 food and 300672 for the q7 weps. Which still leaves 286000 but if my salaries are an average of 10000 cc daily that leaves me in the red each month.

So for me this will still remain a good strategy even with blitzkrieg I can just add more holding companies with good bonuses.

So this is a good strategy for players that dont want to buy more than the power pack.

Here is Morrisey of the smiths with "There is a light that never goes out"

their supporters say that the Cranberries cover does not compare but I like that one as well especially since this is a kinda upbeat song if you listen to it a few times.