Things I would change

Day 2,448, 10:17 Published in Greece Bulgaria by pinalas

I have seen a lot of people in every division to have a huge cap in strength between others. I have seen people in div 1 people with 40.000+ strength something that a new player can't compete against. With the introduction of the guerilla fights the company is trying to give extra damage to the players who use good strategy/luck in the guerilla to win. However guerilla alone CAN'T do a big difference.

When a new player join in a game need at least a year in order to reach 20.000 strength in order to try to get a BH in div1!

My suggestion is to change the way and purpose of the divisions.

Every player should get in a division based on their strength or their level. More over based on the strength , people should get a big/small strength boost.

For example
Division 1 should be between people who are 1-34 levels or their strength is lower than 20.000

Division 2 should be between people who are 35-49 levels or their strength is lower than 40.000

Division 3 should be between people who are 50-69 levels or their strength is lower than 60.000

Division 4 should be between people who are 70+ levels or their strength is 60.001+

All people who have strength :
<20.000 should get a 80% strength bonus when they are training.
<40.000 and >20.000 should get a 60% strength bonus
<60.000 and >40.000 should get a 40% strength bonus

All bonuses are just a suggestion in order new players get enough strength to compete for a BH.

More over the weekly rewards should have 2 rewards for each check point and based for each division. For example either get 1 bazooka or 10 strength. A division 1 player should get more strength than a division 2 player in order to reach the high level competition faster.

All those numbers are random , maybe are way too much or way too little but the basic idea is to have the divisions separated by strength and not only based on levels. People who knows how to use their damage and do guerilla should be able to compete easier for BH against someone who have 2.000-3.000 more strength than him, instead of trying to compete against a guy who have 30.000 or 40.000 strength more.

PS: Yes I know that the guerilla is bugged as hell but still is a good idea.