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They said it could not be done, but it has

Day 1,254, 16:28 Published in South Africa South Africa by Seisan

Today it is good to be an eSouth African. We accomplished what many believed to be impossible; we halted the eBrazilian war machine! It was a rough battle, but we prevailed in the end.

And of course, thanks must be given out to our allies who made this victory possible. Without them, we would still be on our way to being slowly wiped off the map. Thanks to everyone who came out and fought!

Today we had victory, but there are still more battles to come. We must prepare for them and continue on to victory!

P.S. These guys came out to help too. 😉



Seisan Day 1,254, 16:39

My army of squirrels come in handy for more than just threatening voters. 😛

Vroteier9 Day 1,254, 17:47

Jedi Squirrels are killing you Sith Squirrels.

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 1,254, 18:18

Jedi Squirrels rule. I still rue the day Congress voted against their implementation against eBrazil.

Jedi Squirrels are misunderstood.


Crumoet Day 1,255, 03:13

Nice! Can I recruit jedi squirrels for Red Army?

SamGibz Day 1,255, 08:38

I knew we would win this time! But will we be so strong next time? This is my concern!

Hucki Day 1,255, 09:51


Shiloh DeGreat
Shiloh DeGreat Day 1,255, 10:14

"we halted the eBrazilian war machine!"

You halted casual fighters. Not the war machine. The war machine was probably in Misssissippi or someplace else. When non-Brazilian people are earning BH medals, then you're not fighting Brazil's war machine. Congrats on the win, but don't be so naive.

Seisan Day 1,255, 11:01

@Shiloh: This coming from the person who ran away from eSA before even seeing how the war would play out. Just sayin'

Stryke Blayde
Stryke Blayde Day 1,255, 11:21

Wow Seesaw, why you gotta be so aggressive? I'm trying to go back into inactivity for those very same reasons, and largely share the same opinion as Shiloh, am I runnin' away?

Shiloh DeGreat
Shiloh DeGreat Day 1,255, 12:42

@Seisan, personal attacks will do little to refute my points. You can tell me I'm wrong once you've had a successful attack on Brazil's mainland.

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,255, 15:45

Shiloh is definitely right about this! We need our allies even to beat the casual fighters. The way things are going in NC proves it.

I'm still glad we stood(and indeed still are standing)up to the Brazzo invaders.

Spitting in the eye of terrible foe will always be preferable to quivering at his boots.

Vroteier9 Day 1,255, 19:18


Ramet3 Day 1,255, 22:59

(1) It is not our intent to attack eBrazil mainland.
(2) We are not a main front fro Terra, and hopefully won't be.
(3) eBrazil has some magnitude more citizens, thus they can afford to beat us with two-clickers. While we had ample help from ONE, their main armies were also somewhere else.
(4) The goal is to get eBrazil out of our country. Without trying, we won't ever know if that is possible.

Evol Nemo
Evol Nemo Day 1,255, 23:24

(4)Try with simple math

Selina Kitt
Selina Kitt Day 1,255, 23:54

help us much jedi squirrels does


Seisan Day 1,256, 08:22

Some of you need to learn what raising morale means. 😛

Shiloh DeGreat
Shiloh DeGreat Day 1,256, 10:32

When Aeneis lost many troops to weather after the Trojan War, he did not blindly motivate them. After facing defeat and trajedy, he did not give them false hope. He did not call for revenge against the Greeks. He simply let it be with, "forsan et haec olim miminisse iuvabit".

Maybe someday it will be pleasing to remember even these things.

Seisan Day 1,256, 11:59

Then that makes him a very bad leader. The point of having commanders is to issue orders, devise strategies, and inspire the troops. If you go into battles expecting to lose, then you wont fight as hard or just give up. If your commander says you can win with an inspiring speech, then you are more likely to fight harder.

Shiloh DeGreat
Shiloh DeGreat Day 1,256, 12:28

You completely missed the meaning. What Aeneis said is easily one of the most inspiring quotations of classic literature. I don't see how you can call that bad leadership. Maybe you just don't understand the context.

Seisan Day 1,256, 13:01

Its bad leadership because the quote does not take into account how actual humans think. Humans dont want to remember tragic events they witnessed, they would prefer to forget about them. None of his soldiers will look back on that day with happy thoughts, they will be filled with grief and regret at all their comrades' deaths.

Shiloh DeGreat
Shiloh DeGreat Day 1,256, 13:41

You really don't get it? Ugh, now I'm arguing Aeneis' point of view.

Alright, what makes it a great and inspirational quote is that Aeneis doesn't whine or complain; he doesn't give up. Nor does he give his troops false hope by saying that the shipwrecked crew is alive and they stumbled upon Atlantis and will live as kings. What makes it a great quote is that he's saying, "yes, things suck now, but you're here with me and your comrades, and someday you will remember how you served with me, and then you will remember how you continued even through tragedy, and how you overcame even this." There's a reason why it's in Book 1. It shows how Aeneid inspires troops through tragedy. And it doesn't directly apply to South Africa, but it does apply to raising morale, something you've mistaken for propaganda.

Articles like these do not raise morale; they poison it. A good commander does not say, "We took this foxhole, surely we can take the base!" And that's what I'm getting across. It's that kind of naivete I'm preaching against. Just because you won a battle doesn't mean you won the war, and greatly underestimating the overall score between you and Brazil doesn't do anything for your cause (last I checked, you've only held off one attack after they conquered, what, two regions? You even lost the recent Resistance War and last night's battle). No one likes a commander who sees one side. And you only see the side that wins.

So you can be like all the Trojans, meanwhile I'll be Laocoon saying, "quidquid id est timeo danaos et dona ferentis". I will doubt the apparently popular consensus. Then I will presumably be strangled by snakes. Then Troy will fall to cunning Ulysses. Yeah, I really only wanted to make another Aeneid reference. Really, read the book before you start judging a character.

Shiloh DeGreat
Shiloh DeGreat Day 1,256, 13:43

^lol nerd

Tenshibo killed my dog
Tenshibo killed my dog Day 1,256, 14:06

Maybe after eSA falls, we'll take pleasure in seeing Brazil having to take twenty years to get back to their homeland and to their beloved wife, eUSA.

All joking aside, yeah, exactly what Shiloh said. If we want to succeed, we cannot be naive and think that winning in one battle immediately sets us on the path to victory.

Tenshibo killed my dog
Tenshibo killed my dog Day 1,256, 14:08

And yeah, Seisan, you desperately need to touch up on your Classical Literature.

Seisan Day 1,256, 15:46

Your interpretation of that line doesnt fit at all. "These things" if a very vague term that could be referring to any number of things. This is why I despise classical literature; you CANT get: "yes, things suck now, but you're here with me and your comrades, and someday you will remember how you served with me, and then you will remember how you continued even through tragedy, and how you overcame even this," from one incredibly vague line. There is no logical reason nor any connections that say he is referring to this.

And I know winning one battle does not mean we won the war, I say as much in my article. However, to undermine out achievements only serves to worsen the situation we are in. Giving false hope is not a bad thing. If troops are going into a combat situation and are horribly outmatched, they WANT to hear how they're going to win regardless. It doesnt matter what you have to say, if it inspires your troops enough so they stay and fight, then say it. Winning one battle DOES put us on the path to victory because it shows we can win against Brazil and that will make people fight more than they normally would have or fight when they would not have bothered.

Shiloh DeGreat
Shiloh DeGreat Day 1,256, 16:40

. . . Seisan . . . are you really telling me that what I read doesn't fit at all? Read the book. It's not an interpretation. I mean, you're basically saying that something like, "Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" doesn't mean Juliet is asking why Romeo is a Montague. I mean, "these things" is clearly referring to the fact that he just had his shit wrecked. It's not vague at all. Maybe standing alone, yes, but in the book, it's very clear what he's talking about, I mean, it literally goes from, "They were shipwrecked from storms and some men were lost" to Aeneis' quote. You really don't know what your talking about. You're making an argument from ignorance. Really. I mean, I know you're trying to make yourself look right, but it's not helping. At all.

As for that second part; no. Of all the brilliant strategists I've familiarized with, none of them ever gave blind faith. Grant said, "lick 'em tomorrow," not, "We lost today, but we'll still win!" Because defeat is always an option, and a true strategist sees that option. And no, celebrating like this makes people think they're invincible and NOT go the extra mile. That's why I called it poison. It gives a false sense of facility.

Really, think about what you're saying. Realize what you sound like. You're basically saying it's okay for people to be led to failure. This is exactly why I left eSouth Africa.

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