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TheSmoke in Congress

Day 1,757, 16:22 Published in Canada Poland by TheSmoke

Another round of elections are on our doorsteps, and the perpetual motion of the new vs old, left vs right is in full swing. To be honest I don't care what you label me as, I am not here as a saviour, the new prodigy, I am simply here to do a duty. Serve Canada the way it deserves, with a little more respect, with a little more honour, and some common patriotism between all parties.

Some fundamental principles I believe key to a progressive Canada:

1) Helping our Canadian producers by lowering VAT taxes while increasing Import taxes. Let's make our Canadian factories and workers a little more competitive since our economy has tanked recently.

2) Creating dialogue on how to fund our Military Units, I would like to see MU's become more sustainable, while still receiving support to help out those who need it.

3) Making sure what Poland did to Canada doesn't happen again, we will regain all of our land, resources, and look at options to ensure we do not make the same mistake. I would also be open to discussions of a South America colony, shake things up.

As things go, I will act accordingly, I am a thorough person, no need for quick and rash decisions. I am active everyday, and willing to help out anybody.

I will be Captain of Regiment 3 in the CAF
I am a Supply Officer, Survey creator, and general help in the CAF
I know what it takes to serve.

Remember, a vote for Smoke is a good toke.



Plugson Day 1,757, 18:40

1) Helping our Canadian producers by lowering VAT taxes while increasing Import taxes. Let's make our Canadian factories and workers a little more competitive since our economy has tanked recently.

Good for the well-established. Not so good for those wanting MU money, since VAT is a kind of cash cow for eCan.

#2 is great.

#3 ~ there's lots of stuff up in the air right now. Hope we can capitalize on something, but to be honest, we're probably in a more precarious place than before

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,757, 19:02

Plugson has spoken! Lowering VAT and raising import tax may not be the best thing right now if we want those MU paychecks to keep coming in, but otherwise, excellent article.

TheSmoke Day 1,757, 19:33

True say both of you, then maybe keeping VAT at current levels, but keeping import higher? Thanks for the input guys, respect both of your opinions highly

Derphoof Day 1,757, 19:34

Just so you know, Import taxes are already at 99% across the board.

Plugson got everything pretty much on point though! Looking good!

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,757, 19:36

It's hard to mess with anything right now because of the state of the eEconomy

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,757, 20:31


S. America is an interesting choice.

Mochan Drust
Mochan Drust Day 1,758, 03:17

Congress elections are in two weeks. Party president elections are coming up in a few days.

Don't you think it's a little early to start a congress elections campaign now ? People will forget what your platform was unitl then, unless you're planning to publish articles constantly during these two weeks.

TheSmoke Day 1,758, 04:25

Judging from the responses here, it is what I am looking for, Plugson, Auk, Mary, ElPato and you Mochan, you are all well respected people here. Maybe 5 votes max, but it is my reputation I am trying to build, only being 5 or so months old, I still have a lot of respect to earn. The ones that actually care about some real politics will read this, get a better idea of who I am, and maybe I can gain from that.

I will publish my platform again when needed, not flooding.

TheSmoke Day 1,758, 04:33

As for import taxes, currently they are 10% on food, and 2% on weapons, so unless a law is currently up to congress, it is cheaper for Canadians to buy abroad, pay less taxes then they would if they bought here from Canadian workers and producers. For a South American adventure, land swap Azores, see our option in SA, if anything starts going sour down there, Portugual RW Azores back and cuts off route to Canada. Now this is all a long time down the road, but lets get the ball rolling.

Plugson Day 1,758, 18:36

Don't go just by what I say. Plenty of what comes out of my head is proven wrong or just not quite accurate. Playing with taxes is fun anyhow. Makes lots of drama and debate, and makes us feel like we have something to do in the game...when we have little control over the economy.

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