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Then So Be It

Day 1,876, 22:46 Published in Thailand Thailand by Mystela

Big brother, with respect, please hear my call!

As far as I am concerned, the focus of this article is two-fold.

First, to advise Serbia of the disappointment felt by team Thailand, a proTWO neutral team, who has always supported Serbia in the pursuit of their goals & the goals of the federation of teams to which they have belonged, namely TWO & proTWO teams.

Second, to question the wisdom of some of Serbia's diplomatic maneuvers, specifically those involving CoT, a federation of teams, originally conceived to be diametrically opposed to EDEN, primarily made up of proTWO teams.

This article explores the second aspect, how I personally interpret the actions of CoT.

Why question the wisdom?

Up until recently, the alliance CoT was thought to be supportive of the same goals as TWO & proTWO teams, ie., to defeat the federation of teams which make up the alliance EDEN, in addition to proEDEN teams.

However, this last week CoT encouraged & supported India, a team who within the last month, was an active member of GEA, the junior alliance of EDEN, but even more importantly to me, a team who at the time of CoT's intervention, was legitimately & actively engaged in a war with team Thailand, a proTWO neutral team.

On day 1867, the 30th. December, Thailand began the first two battles, of a series of battles planned for in India, both of which ended in Thailand's favour, the battles for Tamil Nadu & Kerala.

Up until Day 1867 inclusive, India's natural alliances, including the last two which were initiated by India herself, were with EDEN friendly countries.

However, beginning with Day 1869, India's alliance loyalties unnaturally & radically shifted to that of her opposition! You don't have to look very far to see the reason why. Ignoring any pretense of diplomacy, without any consultation, without any regard for the goals of team Thailand, although knowing that no matter what, team Thailand's goal would be to do damage to EDEN, Bulgaria contacted India.

On Day 1869 Bulgaria, leading director & one of the founding members of CoT, initiated an alliance with India, triggering their desired domino effect. In rapid fire succession 8 more CoT MPPs were proposed, only 1 of which was initiated by India herself, to Lithuania, Trial Member of CoT. Team India & the federation of CoT teams were encouraged to sign MPPs, as many & as quickly as possible.

The obvious result was, that many of team Thailand's allies, suddenly became team India's allies, right in the middle of an active war between them, the primary goal of which, as can also be seen in this same article, was an adventurous attempt to dominate the EDEN alliance.

Unless the federation of CoT teams' political & military administrations, are all new & inexperienced players, then all of them, together with the leaders of CoT, would be well aware of this active war & of the repercussions of the MPPs on this war.

It's interesting to note that India successfully approached Poland & then received proposals from both Spain & Slovenia, three members of TWO.

Within the last 14 days India signed 16 MPPs with radically opposed alliances, 12 of which were signed within the last 7 days. Two of the last 11 failed, both with members of CoT, an obvious reflection of the strength of these 2 countries' relative positions within the CoT alliance & of their resulting confidence to act independently.

What purpose did the CoT federation of teams have in doing this?

The immediate & most obvious reason was to disable team Thailand, to handicap them with their own allies, by aligning them with team India, thereby ending the war, regardless of the initiative & of the time, effort & expense invested by team Thailand.

Why would the CoT federation of teams, with the same goals as the TWO federation of teams, disable a proTWO neutral team, engaged in an active war with another neutral team, so recently sympathetic with the goals of EDEN?

Why this sudden massive outpouring of concern by CoT for team India, a team that has been publicly struggling for a month now, as witnessed by their articles in the media?

Why did CoT's leaders, together with the federation of CoT teams, rush to cripple team Thailand in Thailand's obvious pursuit of EDEN, through their war with team India? This same article, written with incredible candour, spells it out fairly clearly I think.

Team India, rich in resources, also occupies a strategically important region. Team Thailand has never made a secret of where their allegiance lies. Had team Thailand been successful, not only would it have been a great victory for Thailand, but also a sweet victory for TWO & by extension, also for CoT, assuming Cot's goals were still the same.

If CoT's goals are still the same, then why lead & encourage the one & only way to effectively undermine Thailand's initiative, negating the successful efforts of a proTWO neutral team, the result of which in effect, blocked TWO's progression in the game, as well as CoT's?

The answer is a simple one. Although CoT promotes itself as an alternative to the so called, power hungry, damage point focused alliances, in actuality, CoT is exactly the same.

CoT No Different Than the Rest.

CoT saw an opportunity, under the guise of the white knight in shining armour, to scoop up a team, whose damage count was recently beefed up by the addition of the MU, United Aggression & they jumped all over it, even though it meant nullifying team Thailand's success, a team with the same allegiance as CoT.

CoT more than likely guessed at the plans of team Thailand, so that in addition to increasing their damage output, by incorporating team India, CoT also succeeded in positioning themselves to take that victory over EDEN for themselves, at the expense of team Thailand.

CoT wants victories as much & as selfishly, as some of the other alliances that have existed in the game. In the same way as those, at the end of the day, CoT's focus is on the numbers of players necessary to create the most damage, to dominate the game.

No more, no less, CoT is all about the damage.

So now we've come full circle.

Why question the wisdom?

Because in order for CoT & the federation of CoT teams to achieve their goals, even if it means sacrificing another team, with the same allegiance as their own,

then so be it.

I don't mind losing to a worthy opponent, but forced to forfeit victories because of an ally, speaks volumes about that ally. Hopefully others will heed the call.



Mystela Day 1,876, 22:49

I don't mind losing to a worthy opponent, but forced to forfeit victories because of an ally, speaks volumes about that ally. Hopefully others will heed the call.


Asmitatheone Day 1,877, 23:09


Ind1anMartyr Day 1,877, 23:10

Bulgaria has traditionally been our friend and have given us support since long. India has not yet been accepted in any alliance, we have only received MPPs from nations sympathetic to our cause. (for whatever reasons they may be) The MPPs are an indication of the fact that nations recognise our efforts to free ourselves and retain dignity rather than cut deals with Croatia or Thailand just to stay afloat.

It is in the hands of the members of CoT to decide whether we would fit into the alliance or not, however I do not think CoT/TWO decided to support us solely to undermine the efforts of the Thai strategic team. I obviously cannot answer this... my purpose incommneting was basically to clarify that we did not jump alliances at the drop of a hat.

We took pro EDEN MPPs until Croatia NE-d us after which we had to turn to any nation that would help us. Would you not have done the same?

(I would not have replied usually but I am the acting MoFA for a week which is why I have no choice but to make my point when I can!) : )


Mystela Day 1,877, 23:29

Thanks for the comments guys, or rather lady & guy...

Ash, I remember when Bulgaria struck out on their own. I know they still sympathize with old friends & old friends with them. I realize that you're not a trial member yet & I appreciate you're interpretation of CoT's initiative.

My article is more directed to the TWO alliance though, or members of CoT.

mrle1982 Day 1,877, 23:29

Mystela o7
You are the best!!!

Mystela Day 1,877, 23:32

No u 😛

Mystela Day 1,877, 23:40

@ Ash, and since you asked, in both of my previous elives, with the Canadian & the USA teams, I experienced being completely wiped.

Neither team cut deals, we didn't jump alliances, we stood & fought till the end & then we RW'ed our way back.

It wasn't so bad being wiped. It's not my favourite part of the game, but it happens to the best of us.

SajIer Day 1,877, 00:30

Mystela o7

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,877, 00:31

yea mate I agree Mystela - we have been wiped before and thats why I tell the guys - go and stand for what you have to do. We were threatened with erasure by Croatia and of course Thailand... and most likely we will still be erased but its been a very active and exciting India and I would say its been well worth it! : D

Mystela Day 1,877, 00:51

I've never seen so much activity among the members of your team! Good way to teach your babies about all of the possibilities in the game & how to deal with each one of them. Good luck there!

Stolch Day 1,877, 01:04

I can answer very simply.

When Croatia made an air-stike to south-east Asia, Thailand cooperated with Croatia instead of fighting against it. Now you can try and spin it anyway you want however that is anything but promoting the interests of anyone else except Croatia, EDEN and Thailand.

Then they let South Thailand to be used as a bridge for Croat bonus, while they had the upper hand against Indonesia, due to Romanian airstrike in the region as well. At that time it was Bulgaria and CoT which spearheaded the offensive to send Romania home, much why Indonesia is in CoT now.

After making the deal with Croatia, Thailand applied for membership to CoT, but was denied, much for the reasons of above as it was ready to make deals with the enemy as soon as there was the smallest threat with disregard to it's allies (which Indonesia was at the time)

Since then Thailand has engaged in cooperation with Croatia on numerous occasions even admitting it itself in the previous propaganda article aimed at vilifying CoT and Bulgaria (EDEN tactics anyone?).

Bulgaria's long standing relations with India are no secret to anyone in this game, so the fact that it is willing to help it in it's direst moment should not be a surprise, not to mention that fighting Croatia is of much higher benefit to both Cot and TWO in the fight against EDEN then having Thailand gain 1 bonus (food at that) and then strike a deal with Croatia for it's safety (as has been the case on numeral occasions in the last months).

Stolch Day 1,877, 01:08

Now to the "inaccuracies" in this article, at the time Bulgaria and CoT as well as many TWO countries signed MPPs with India, there was no war between Thailand and India, as there was no border between the two countries. So the speculation that Thailand had to abandon it's war because of Bulgarian/COT actions is totally false.

The question remains however why did Thailand not initiate a war with Croatia once it reached a bother with it if it claims it is fighting against EDEN? There is no need to answer that.

A little known fact is that Blagota the "inspirational" leader of Thai "team" attempted a PTO of Canada a while back, a then ally of Bulgaria, which naturally helped it's ally with ATO efforts, hence the personal distaste for Bulgaria of Blagota ever since.

Stolch Day 1,877, 01:13

Now my question is how does it benefit both alliances the attempt to create a rift for the implied benefit of wining a bonus or two?

Thailand has had the opportunity for months to wage war with India and/or Croatia, however it has not taken it, so it has no right to complain when others come to fight Croatia in their stead and especially when that is to help and protect a smaller country to keep it's freedom and dignity from unprovoked agression.

milladin Day 1,877, 01:55

Mystela o7

Queen Reptila
Queen Reptila Day 1,877, 03:27

Mystela o7
You are the best!!! x1389

010101010 Day 1,877, 04:14

Indian MOFA was gone...

Mystela Day 1,877, 07:36

Richard, I'm pretty sure this isn't your first account, so I'm kind of surprised at what you've written, especially because the original article goes over that very history, with quite a lot of detail. The air strike by your ally, Croatia, once again cost Thailand, along with a lot of the other teams in the area, to the direct benefit of India.

If you really don't know the history, then you could ask some of the older players on the Indian team or even on the Croatian team. Don't be shy. Pm Romper! He was only too happy to stomp on us & take my beloved ocean front beach house in Southern Thailand, so recently released to me after the occupation of it, by your very own, India's princess CP, RD123. I still find some of her pink fur in my house occasionally. 🙁(

Because you & I aren't friends, you couldn't see my constant stream of shouts, regarding the battles for Indonesia, against all aggressors, including Romania. Often I was the only one during their night time calling for their defense. If you have any doubts about Thailand's commitment to the defense of Indonesia again, please ask those who were most affected. Ask some of the top Indonesian players how much support Thailand has given to them, against all aggression.

You're information about Thailand's request to join CoT is incorrect. Again, I'm going to refer you to the source. If you speak with some of the guys in Bulgaria who have been involved with CoT, they will tell you when we applied & presumably, they will be candid about why we were refused.

If not interfering in the internal decisions made by team India, in their dealings with their ally, Croatia for the rental of their regions, while we (Thailand) were forced to rent to an enemy, Croatia or be jointly wiped by both Croatia & India, if that can be construed as cooperation by Thailand with Croatia, then that is the most convoluted form of cooperation that I have ever seen in any strategy game. o.O ...

Mystela Day 1,877, 07:40

If you had read the previous article, or even this one, then you would know what the goal was, hardly 1 bonus region. The gratuitous use of “numeral occasions in the last months” you can repeat as often as you like. It still won't make it true. Again, speak with one of the seniors on the Indian team to advise you.

There was a war & furthermore, as I said, we couldn't pursue it due to the common MPP's. That you don't want to recognize that, is not my problem. The previous article explains exactly what the plan was for Croatia. That you've chosen not to read it, but to wonder about it hear instead, is kind of strange. The answers that you're looking for are candidly revealed in that article.

With respect to the PTO of Canada, I replied to that same accusation which you made in the previous article's comments, PAGE 4, but which I guess you feel that you can also ignore. It may be little known to you, but in fact, it's widely known.

If you don't like the truth, or feel that I'm lying to you, then go to the source, as I've already suggested. Go to one of the senior Canadian players & ask them about Blagota's PTO of Canada, just don't ask TemujinBC. ~_^

Thank you for thinking that my article could potentially cause a rift. In fact, it will barely cause a ripple. It's one article by a relatively unknown player, in a sea of articles questioning allegiances, that are published nearly everyday.

I'll just let your last comment sit there... one day you'll understand why.

Richard, I appreciate all comments, but if you're not even going to read the articles or the replies, then... I'm sorry but I'm really not interested.

Mystela Day 1,877, 07:44

Thanks guys.

With respect to Vladimir, he had said that he wouldn't be around much longer, but that the Indian team would appreciate all that he had done for them 2 months from now. 😛:P

I wonder when he'll reveal his new nick?

Mystela Day 1,877, 07:55

Incidentally, for the record, when we retreated, returning the 2 regions we had just won, we were ordered to fight for India, because the Indian team was having difficulty regaining the regions on their own, while fighting against Croatia. Lots of the Thai team obeyed that order.

Personally, since I could no longer fight against, I chose not to fight for India. Instead, I set my MU's DO for other, unrelated battles.

Mea culpa mrle1982. Please don't fire me! 🙁(

Rebelash Day 1,877, 07:59

i never know u paid so much interest to happenings in India 😛

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,877, 08:00

comment war : O

i hate serious articles, no more fun in thailand : (

Rebelash Day 1,877, 08:04


Tezej Day 1,877, 08:06

Mystela svaki ti dao!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,877, 08:14


As an eCanadian, I'm taking a neutral stance on the Croatia-India affair especially since afaik neither administrations have contacted ours with details.

International affairs and the level respectable gameplay would be better if everyone can recognize a good country in the opposing alliance, or similarly a good player in an opposing country. But hate is a strong fuel for war, even if the hatred is for the sake of hatred. Serbia has always been on the opposing side of Canada and we still intend to fight against them. Just because it's always been like that. Still, I remember a nice Serbian that decided to give me 10 Q7 tanks just because I asked.

I'm up for a good fight, it's fun and whatnot, but it can be difficult to find a good enemy for it.

Stolch Day 1,877, 08:27


The fact that I'm a veteran player is not a secret and who I'm is also not a secret. I left the game a fe months back came back to help India, because of personnel debt to ashwamedh.

It is however very interesting how defensive you got only over one unsubstantiated accusation that bonus was at the bottom of Thailand motivation. That was done purposefully to demonstrate how this causes a reaction, something you accuse Indians of doing over much more speculative accusations from your side.

As far as the membership of Thailand in CoT and my knowledge of the defense of Indonesia and campaign against Romania and so on, finding out who I'm and what role I had in those ill answer all your questions and make you realize how foolish the above comments were to begin with.

As far as your answer to the Blagota PTO of Canada is concerned, once the article was more then 2 days old and disappeared from the lists with articles I have not followed it so I have not seen your answer. However Canadian government and players were the ones concerned about it and who asked for help.Maybe because it followed an attempted PTO by Romanians who were supposed to be allies only a little bit earlier, that is not that important however. I still don't know why Blagota deleted his articles of that time however.....

Anyway, the easiest thing is to vilify your opponents or perceived opponents, it however doesn't work in the long term, just ask Croatia and EDEN him much good such policy brought them.

Mystela Day 1,877, 09:09

Rebel, Abhinay - I'm sorry. I'll try to make the next one more fun. o7

Tezej ♥ I think... That Google translate eh, sometimes it's a mystery. 😃

Mary, I'd love to fight against you 🙂 but you'd crush me like a bug so... unless you're aware of something that I'm not, it won't be happening any time soon. Thank God. 😛:P

Hmmm, it's not only interesting to me that you feel that replies so evenly & honestly given to false information, are defensive, but that you deliberately baited me in the process & seem fine with that.

Once again, I'll be honest with you & tell you that, as of a few minutes ago, I know who you are & the truth is, that I can't tell you how disappointed I am. However, now knowing who you are, the fact that you are even paying attention to this article, with some of your old tenacity, confirms for me that my comments are far from foolish.

Blagota's articles in Canada are probably still remembered. I haven't checked his old account, so I wasn't aware that any articles had been deleted. I bet there are cached versions though. But the guys will tell you.

And if you post accusations in people's articles & then not bother to check, if someone replied then... but I'll remember that & perhaps not bother to reply, depending on the accusations.

After all of your experiences in this game, you personally having read & written many controversial articles & comments in your day, that you see this article as me trying to villify my opponents is stunning. I'm sorry that you feel that way.

But, as I said earlier, I'm really not interested in this he said, she said routine. I know your style & I know the guys in the EU can go on like this forever & really enjoy it too!! 😒 but it's not my style, sorry.

Clearly we will remain set against each other, which given that, with this character I've chosen to play "in the other camp", is fine of course.

Thanks to everyone for all of the comments. I've got to go. I'll be back. 😘*

Wildrunner Day 1,877, 09:14

Incredible funny article thx for the laugh. There are so many mutually exclusive statements it's unbelievable.
CoT saw an opportunity, under the guise of the white knight in shining armour, to scoop up a team, whose damage count was recently beefed up by the addition of the MU, United Aggression & they jumped all over it, even though it meant nullifying team Thailand's success, a team with the same allegiance as CoT."

This one is just epic

Rona1d Day 1,877, 09:21

Thailand is a colony of serbs, nothing more nothing else, is useless end the end, so don´t try to even destroy the relations beetwen COT and TWO

NueveOcho Day 1,877, 09:24


Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,877, 09:27

You are such a noob, CoT funders are ex-TEDEN members (Bulgaria EDEN, Chile TERRA). Obvius that CoT recibe ex-Eden members than had been friends in the past an realize that EDEN was a fail aliance. India was a very good friend of Bulgaria in the past, so when they realied that the true friends was in CoT we recibe them with oppen arms.

In ex-change Thailand, a country that tried to enter in CoT in the past (you were Trial member), and rejected at the end you dont have a lot political capital to ask tthings to us. You are a desaster as an allie, you dosnt help, you are a selfish country.

I will vote NO vor the mpp with Thailand now on.

P.D.: In Chile we reject the mpp with India couse they have still active the mpp with Arg and we have the initiative, so we dosnt want to lose 10.000 cc.

Wildrunner Day 1,877, 09:35

First you acuse CoT for "helping EDEN", then you acuse CoT for wanting to "steal the victory over EDEN for itself" so which one is it? Learn some logic, because you are writing nonsense.

I understand that you devised some really "cool" plan how to delete India together with your Croatian friends which didn't work out the way you expected.
Most funny thing is that from what I understand you kinda lured Croats to backstab India asuring them India wont get help from anywhere and that you "blacklisted them from CoT" (?) now both you and the Croats cry when all this backfired at you.

The Graverobber
The Graverobber Day 1,877, 09:44

there are some accusations against Bulgaria and allow me as part of the government to make some clarifications:
1. we have never hided our very special relation with India, so the most normal thing was to help them in that difficult for them situation
2. some months ago the MoFA of Thailand back then - Blagota stated in an article that he breaks all diplomatical relations with Bulgaria. Ever since we did not have MPP, nor official contacts or at least as far as i know and noone from Thailand wished their renewal
3. Having in mind the above i think you cannot blame us for interfereing in the conflict between Thailand and India
4. Damage was never a prerequisite for a country to join CoT and will never be - i think it is obvious, just you have to look the overall stats of most of the smaller members
5. The military unit United Agression is/was consisted mostly of proEden people, so this shouldn't be involved at all
6. To use the opportunity to gain an additional ally in my opinion is not a sin. Given point one is quite normal to support India and if they wish - they can start talks for integrating in our community.
7. Given point two, you cannot accuse Bulgaria for wishing to stall Thai success. And if by success you mean territorial expanding, then of course we prefer gaining an ally. The other way sounds pretty selfish
8. And finally CoT is separate alliance and you have to differ it from TWO countries, but they also accepted India's new alignment. You just have to ask each country as per why they wished to ally with India, which of course is not bad thing at all

Queen Reptila
Queen Reptila Day 1,877, 09:46

@Calois "You are a desaster as an allie, you dosnt help, you are a selfish country."

this is our way how we help our allies:


Aquilamk Day 1,877, 10:11

you said that Thai is neutral country and never attacks first, so now be happy you are surrounded with friend xD

BIagota Day 1,877, 10:21

India is not our friend they attack us first, they betrayed all deals after that too, they are still siting on two chairs between Eden and COT and jumping like kangaroo from one side to another cuz they r two faces people...
noone can trust to that kind of people and we made mistake cuz we trusted them few times and we will not make same mistake again.
We still didnt punish them for all bad things which they did to Thailand but we will!

@dete iz mesovitog braka

yup u r right thats how we help our allies x2 o7


Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,877, 11:26

@dete iz mesovitog braka --> Article made in Day 1,805, 01:10, 72 days ago.

I prefer 100% more the country that pardon an enemy couse an allie ask it to you. I prefer more a country that dosnt threat an allie when his bonus are in danger, even more when that country (Bulgaria), has resign to have bonus to help their allies.

Maybe you help us in a battle 71 days ago, but in the rest of that time we recibe insults, blackmail, threats and many other worthless diplomatic forms.

No @Dete, we need more than one battle to consider you friends, even more allies. And in the moment, if I use a scales to mesure your acts, the negligible acts are winning for bockover.

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,877, 12:08

Get over it, Thailand is just a Serbian colony, it isn't worth destroying relationship between CoT and TWO.

Mystela Day 1,877, 13:43

Wildrunner, I'm glad that it amused you, especially the “epic” one. I worked that one a lot. 😛:P

I'm surprised that you missed the logic, but I will spell it out for you yet once again. As the table clearly shows, supported by the in game links to the MPP proposals, India was aligned with EDEN, when CoT approached & offered assistance to an EDEN allied team against a proTWO neutral team. (This one is for EDEN.)

Should you succeed in defending, the now overwhelmed by CoT India, where does that leave you in relation to a possible foray into China? (This one is against EDEN.) (see for & against)

If you still don't see the “logic”, then we'll have to use a graphical conceptualization & given my talents with Paint, I'm afraid you'd be no further ahead. So we'll have to label you a lost cause. I'm sorry. :'[

No one devised anything that I'm aware of & as the previous article shows IN DETAIL, we had no sympathy for Croatia, but certainly wanted to see her remain in India, for all of the reasons already explained there. If you won't read then...

Nice try at the backfire twist you threw in there at the end. I'm kind of shocked that you'd try that though! 😒:S

Ronald & Principe, yes, yes “colony of serbs”. Keep telling yourselves that. o/

Interesting that the article is perceived to be an attempt to destroy relations between 2 alliances fighting on the same side? the same side that Thailand fights on incidentally. 😛:P

Nueveocho, I hope that didn't hurt too much. Not really, but it seemed like the right thing to say. 😞[

Mystela Day 1,877, 13:48

Calois, the 2nd. person to say that. I sense a complex coming on... & it's not mine...
“so when they realied that the true friends was in CoT we recibe them with oppen arms.”

I think that you mean that when you canvassed them en masse, not last month when they were really struggling, or at any time in the past, but at their weakest possible moment, they welcomed you into their house.

With respect to Thailand, the allies whom we've helped can attest to our support. We are not in the habit of asking for recognition for support given. It's understood, that if we're on the same team, that we can count on each other.

But no matter, battle records are easy enough to look up, although it's obvious that you prefer not to, knowing you might not like what you find there. Not to mention that it's so much easier just to make up whatever, to suit your needs.

Vote with your conscious or your wallet, the choice is your's, but anyway since you have such a low opinion of Thailand, I imagine that you would always vote no. Or maybe your opinion doesn't matter when it comes time to vote, maybe then it's more about the damage?

And now I see that dete has shown just some of our stats for Chile, but of course, you've discredited those. Instead, you've made it clear, you would prefer India, who together with Croatia, 2 EDEN teams, who were ready to wipe Thailand, over Thailand, a proTWO neutral team. If that's your choice on how to play the game, then as the title says, then so be it.

The Graverobber, thank you for restoring my faith! o7 I was beginning to think that the players in the game had somehow mutated into bobble heads.

Aquilamk, I sincerely hope that not too many of my friends, will ask me to return the money that I won fair & square at the casino, to the black jack dealer! xDxD

Mystela Day 1,877, 14:27

The Graverobber,
1. I can understand that.

2. Yes I remember that clearly & you & I both know the reasons for that, which don't really come into play here, so I appreciate that you are staying on topic.

3. This one I'm afraid I have to disagree with. You very easily could have directed damage to India's cause, by all of your membership, without having to initiate MPPs, which would have allowed Thailand to continue. If our plans had failed as a result, then okay. At least it would have been a valid loss in battle & not because of a pseudo political move, by an alliance whose goals are professed to be the same as our's.

4. I agree that damage is not a prerequisite, that's obvious to everyone, just as it is obvious that small teams, stay neither small nor weak forever. They do evolve like all other teams & let's face it, experienced players, including tanks, move around a lot...

5. The only reason that I mentioned UA is because regardless of their allegiance, they continued to fight for India, even when she left GEA a few weeks ago. They wanted very much to be a part of the Indian team. I can't speak for UA, but as long as they are members of the Indian team, then yes, you stand to have an advantage with them there.

6. Agreed. I know that the alliances are always vying for new members, regardless of size or previous alignment. None of that was in dispute. India can do as she likes certainly. The problem was a tactical one Graverobber. I would have had no problem with any of it, IF we had not been actively involved in a war with India at the time.

7. But this I don't understand at all? So when India was at her absolute end, not before, but just then, when her options were next to none, you then felt justified in inviting her to join your alliance, even though that meant willfully interfering in another team's, a proTWO team's progress.

Mystela Day 1,877, 14:33

So, in other words, it was less selfish for CoT, to negate a defacto ally's progress, in order to gain another ally, who you only found time for, when they were at death's door.

Than So Be It

8. India knows what they have done, in their relations with Thailand. There are some among the players that would like to go back, but like they say, you can never go back. This article wasn't about that though, so I will leave that past with India.

Thank you so much for the time & the decency TheGraverobber. o7

Then so be it...

Mystela Day 1,877, 14:35

It's like a giant, never ending, revolving wall of text eh... -.-

Curse the ADMIN!! >😐

Borislav Gojkovic
Borislav Gojkovic Day 1,877, 16:15

Mys, you are divine being ; )

MissModesty Day 1,877, 16:34

NORTH THAI POWER \☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/

Mystela Day 1,877, 16:48

Okay if you say so Borislav, but I just burned my toast. I don't think that divine beings can burn their toast. 😒

CyberGirl!! \☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/\☺/

Wildrunner Day 1,878, 00:59

India was aligned with EDEN, when CoT approached & offered assistance to an EDEN allied team against a proTWO neutral team.

I'm sorry I must have missed when Croatia became proTWO neutral team, maybe that's why I can't see the logic there.

Wildrunner Day 1,878, 01:08

India got betrayed by Croatia and EDEN and was attacked by them in order to wipe them out. Given the history between Bulgaria and India you must be a fool to think that Bulgaria will not help them in this critical moment for them. And it turns out it wasn't only us, many other countries who lived similar stories with EDEN also sympatized with India, some others just because they dislike Croatia or for whatever reason what matters is many countries found reason to support India and you can't do anything about it but to cry out in the press writing nonsense articles.

Your role into all this are your deals with Croatia and that you kinda lied to Croats that they can go ahead and betray India without any consequences. That however is between you and Croatia and it doesn't concern us. What's done is already done, we're gonna help India and there is nothing you can do to stop us. We help and don't abandon our friends, if that makes us bad people, then so be it.

Mystela Day 1,878, 02:13


incredibly strange that you are the only one so far, to not recognize that "proTWO neutral", refers to team Thailand. Thailand is the proTWO neutral team.

That you choose to see this article, or any article with any negative sentiment, as a form of crying, is not the least bit surprising, considering your total lack of recognition of Thailand as the proTWO neutral team, being discussed in this particular article.

That fact alone, stands out as a warning signal to everyone in the game, friendly teams or foe, that you really don't bother to actually read anyone's articles, before feeling justified in posting commentary of all kinds, as long as your commentary is critical of their article, something which you are prone to do.

Now it is crystal clear to all teams, that you feel justified in saying whatever & most importantly, you say it whether it is true or not, something that I suspected that you did to opposing teams, but up until now, I was never sure to what extent.

So now I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I can choose to ignore your commentary on other teams' articles, friend or foe, as not only nothing of value, but most probably, nothing but propaganda of the worst kind.

This kind of baiting, trolling, yellow commentary is really disappointing from someone with your experience in the game, but at least it's revealed to me the type of player that you really are, because up until now, I was never really sure. Thanks for that.

Thank you everyone for all of the comments!
Game on!!

Wildrunner Day 1,878, 02:46

Learn what sarcasm means. We offered help to India when it got betrayed and attacked by Croatia and EDEN, at that time India not only wasn't allied to EDEN as you say in your statement but was in fact attacked by EDEN.

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