thehorseltd for Congress!

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Hi, i'm thehorseltd and i'd just like to tell you i'm running for Congress! My official manifesto will be out early next week, but I just thought i'd tell you a little about myself!

I am first and foremost a military man. I joined the Royal Navy in it's infancy, and on my retirement was the longest ever serving Commanding Officer, and one of the few not to disappear! Therefore I know about organisation, and how to get things done. I have never been afraid to serve my country, and as such am a member of the War Council, giving insights and advice to the Prime Minister himself on issues of National Security. I am currently a member of the RAF, but am hoping to transfer back to Royal Navy Command so I can better use the skills learned, while preserving the time to give Northern Ireland the congress representation it deserves.

Outside the Navy, I have had the honour of serving in the Government on 2 occasions, firstly as a Corps Transfer Minister - put in charge of transferring our military to the CORPS System, and then as the Underminister of Defence - a role only given to those who truly deserve it, as there isn't normaly a uMoD. I have also had the honor of serving Northern Ireland in Congress before, where I helped make it the place it is today. My current role in politics is that of a Lord, discussing the finer points of legislation to make sure that you, the people get a clean, crisp bill free of errors.

Within Northern Ireland I have been Senator for Entertainment, and have held the post of Speaker of the Senate, before it sadly went inactive. But I am once again willing to give everything I've got to this great country.

I'm thehorseltd, and I endorse this message.