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Day 706, 17:04 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Goooooooooooooooooooooooood Evening to you all! The Department of Foreign Affairs wishes you a wonderful evening full of sweets, and joy .... and joyness.

(Please note I have just gotten erepublik plus, so expect some eccentricities 😛 *cough* back to the update, which certain people are awaiting with bated breath)

I would like to apologise for the lack of updates thus far, both Tarazis and myself have been struck down with e-swine flu over the course of the month, and Tarazis is still recovering. None the less, I'm here and the Department's plans will be moving forward over the remainder of the month.

Now, Item 1. Our in depth ambassador program, this month this has been the priority of both Patton and myself, we have appointed an unprecedented number of ambassadors. I created a guide for the ambassadors, which has been passed around to every diplomat, it is available here:

There are still a few countries recruiting ambassadors, please message this organisation to apply:

Belgium (newly liberated)

2/3rds of ambassadors have been submitting their reports, a check up is on-going and if you would like to apply for a country, but not one of the above, please message me as those Ambassadors who have not submitted reports will be removed. Overall, the program has been a huge success, the 2/3rds of ambassadors have PMed their Country Presidents and Ministers of Foreign Affairs, several of whom have PMed me in turn commending them. There is no doubt they have improved our standing worldwide and have certainly not been a waste of time. An effective ambassador system is the root of an effective FA department, ask ANY major nation. Do we not have excellent relations with Canada because of OShaudy? The US with Chris Stanwick? Finland with Kanervikko? I am pleased and proud of the team we have assembled, and they are certainly changing the department for the better.

Department Deputy Kolshire is compiling a spreadsheet of every nation's Country President & Cabinet and we will be re-commencing Operation "PM a President", I have already PMed many Presidents and MoFAs around the world, held chats in their languages and changed their opinion of our fair Isle. The fact is FA has stagnated lately, and with all of this proactive meeting and chatting is getting it running, and improving our standing.

A request has been made on the Sol board to get us full Observer Status, in accordance with the Dail vote on the subject, Unfortunately they are in the midst of getting some procedure ready as a norm to accept applicants and so our application has been delayed. I have been told by Snakye that it should take longer than 2 or 3 days.

Wargames are an ongoing topic at the moment in the Private Dail as the PEACE contract expires in Early November. TDs should divert their attention there, and the public be aware they're input will be requested shortly. We are currently addressing the issue from a purely financial aspect. What I can say however, is that the trend is strongly for the idea of 24 hour wargames, meaning we take part in 2 sets rather than one. Indeed this trend is popular worldwide of late, since we now have three options to choose from - PEACE, Mushroom and Sol. As I said, there will be more on this later, once the Dail has finished it's deliberations.

There has also been talk of joining an alliance, we recognise the activity and innovation of several members in this matter, while their actions are not officially sanctioned they provide alternatives for consideration and should be congratulated.

While you may believe that the international relations section of our work is only between ourselves and our counterparts you are incorrect, I, and several of my predecessors have chatted with citizens in their IRC's, and you can also do this if you have a spare moment please venture into one of the IRCs mentioned in my guide and have a chat with the people, interaction is my favourite part of the game, and I have no doubt you will enjoy it too!

Lastly, I have something of a personal friendship with the Austrian President, and in his recent article he has said he intends to set up some form of international games, and already has a small amount of Interest from other countries, I think this is an idea that has much merit, and have said Ireland would certainly consider participating.

Please vote and subscribe!

Darragh O Faolain TD
Minister for Foreign Affairs



Eamonn DeValera
Eamonn DeValera Day 706, 17:10

Very good article. Thank you Darragh. 🙂

Donovan Thomas
Donovan Thomas Day 706, 17:11

eRepublik Plus is a godsend... and me thinks you might be drunk on it! 😉

Great stuff Darragh! Thanks!

uaithne Day 706, 17:15

Great article Darragh. Thank you so much for all of the info. And me thinks DT is correct. 😛

castaneda Day 706, 17:21

link to doc's givin me "Sorry, the page (or document) you have requested does not exist."

castaneda Day 706, 17:22

btw good work darragh and ambassadors

Irish Foreign Ministry
Irish Foreign Ministry Day 706, 17:26

Drunk ..... drowning!

Cas, is it working now?

castaneda Day 706, 17:27

yep,, deadly

biffo3000 Day 706, 17:32

international games? now you're talking my language! pray tell what these would involve....

patton Day 706, 17:36

Great news that the MoFA is on track !

Ministry of New Citizens
Ministry of New Citizens Day 706, 17:45

Look at all the pretty colors! 😃 Thanks Darragh! I've been wondering how the MoFA has been doing. I've been hearing good things, but it's nice to know just how MUCH. 🙂

Irish Foreign Ministry
Irish Foreign Ministry Day 706, 17:50

Biffo....its all very early in the planning stages and I just mentioned it because I thought it was a nice idea, but he tells me its mostly about internet sport games, spear throwing etc. I'll be sure to let you know more when I get more.

Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 706, 18:03

well done darragh, very good article

Mr aNiallator
Mr aNiallator Day 707, 00:56

Great darragh 😮 i completly forgot about my reports ill start at em straight away 🙂 Ive been around Finland and Mexico making friends.

Ian Arb
Ian Arb Day 707, 04:10

Great article Darragh, well done.

Taz_IS300 Day 707, 05:36

already read it mr.darragh....

Vilhelmi Kanervikkola
Vilhelmi Kanervikkola Day 707, 07:42

Voted for mentioning my name 😃

Eamonn DeValera
Eamonn DeValera Day 707, 09:12

Your catching up...😛 Will you get to 54? 😛

AppleMan Day 707, 10:22

Very nice

Darragh O Faolain
Darragh O Faolain Day 708, 08:21

*ahem* 56!

Eamonn DeValera
Eamonn DeValera Day 708, 08:27

Ah...crap..🙁 😛

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