The WOLF Forums Unveiled!

Day 2,149, 08:47 Published in Pakistan Colombia by WOLF HQ

Hello fellow Citizens and Pack Mates!

Today we will finally be going public with the WOLF Forums! So very exciting for us!

Every Organization needs a space to communicate between all. As Pack, we need our den to meet, talk and have fun. WOLF is glad to present this place, made as a forum, for all citizens, members and non-members.

There you can talk, discuss, debate, play, in addition to communicate in an official way to the Alliance. We will use it as an extension of ourselves, to explain, help and attend all those who want to keep in contact with and informed by us.

How do I register?

Go to the upper bar and click on the button, like the image below:

Then will have some questions and agreements, and if you accept, you will have a user. After having the user confirmed, the first step is to present yourself in the Introduction forum.

For the official positions from governments or military units, contact us via IRC or personal message in game. We will give you the proper permissions.

Every month, the permissions will be refreshed so every new government will have to ask for permission in each term separately.

Click on the image to go to the forum

For more information please explore the following links:

We work as a pack, we fight as a pack, we stand as a pack. The WOLF Pack of eRepublik

Signing off,
WOLF Leaders