THE WHEEL IS A LIEEEEE!!!!!!1!!!!!!11!!1!!1!!@

Day 3,275, 17:52 Published in USA USA by logamac

People of eRepublik after being a totally great spy in the feds after being there for under a week I have found out about the true nature about the wheel…


Fingerguns is gathering currency for her own gains to try and buy the eUSA government! YES, she wants to be the empress of the eAmerican Empire that will spread across the world!

WE MUST STOP HER!!!!!!11!!

The wheel funds these things and the things the wheel makes us do is making us obedient and soon she’ll start telling us to dismantle parties in erep.

You can’t dismantle parties but believe me. SHE CAN HACK THE GAME AND TURN THIS COUNTRY INTO A ONE PARTY STATE!!!!!

Join the Anti wheel brothers and join me on my crusade to stop this corruption!!!!!!11!!!!!1!

Save the eUSA save your souls!

1 USD is 1 USD towards democracy!