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The Week That Was #1

Day 1,836, 22:32 Published in United Kingdom Israel by dante643
The Week That Was #1

to fans of the 'Empires of Erepublik' the final edition is on its way but due to recent events has had to be put on holds, sorry for that.

With this article I hope to create a weekly series, show casing regional changes and new wars. Depending on the success of this article will show if I'll continue and expand the series.


Map of Europe day 1,828

Europe has been a hot-bed of activity, eFinland has regained near all its original regions and in the process of trying to regain its last being the ePolish region of Aland its regional significance is large for ePolish influence in the region, with that they have moved south removing eEstonia from the map. Resistance has flared up in eHungary and eSpain with ePortuguese and eUkrainian resistance trying to regain regions.

While in central Europe ePoland has been busy taking two of eFrances five remaining region and eSlovania has taken a third. To the south ePoland moved on and took one of eItalys two remaining regions with eSerbia in position to wipe eItaly off the map, with eItaly divided up amongst four (eSlovania, eSerbia, eMacedonia and ePoland) hostile nations organised resistance seems difficult and only time will tell with struggling nation.

To the South-East eGreece has been on the back-foot with a three pronged invasion by eSerbia, eBulgaria and eMacedonia with eGreece losing many of its original regions. Bosnia on the other hand has been able to return itself to the map this week with a liberation of one its original regions, eCroatia repeatedly attempts to do the same but has currently met with little success.

Map of Europe day 1,836

Australasia and Asia.

Map of Australasia/Asia day 1,828

The long running eAustralian-eChile-eNew Zealand-eArgintina blood bath continues with eAustralias success being reversed and being forced to one region. Further north has seen the introduction of a third South American country into the Asian theatre through taking two regions out of the hands of eTaiwan. Brazil has just recently attacked eTaiwans original regions (as I discussed as a possibility in Empires of Erepublik 2) if successful it could be possible to see a eBrazil-eChina war.

Map of Australasia/Asia day 1,836

Thank-you for reading, please comment, vote, sub and all criticisms and suggestions are welcomed.



Huey George
Huey George Day 1,836, 22:44

voted, good work and an interesting read, Dante643

mittekemuis Day 1,836, 22:46

Keep them coming \o/

lancer450 Day 1,837, 23:14

Voted. : )

Jimbojoy Day 1,837, 06:17

These articles are always great, they keep players up to speed on the little things that happen all over the eWorld 🙂

Jimbojoy Day 1,837, 06:17

: )

ViciousDeeds Day 1,837, 06:59

great article voted o7

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,837, 16:38

Great work buddy!

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,838, 01:45

Love the info, voted, subbed and enjoyed my good man O7

Bohemond4 Day 1,838, 11:27

great work!

I dont expect Estonia to remain wiped for that long, it happened a few weeks back and triggered Polands invasion of Sweden/Finland.

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