Day 3,057, 02:06 Published in Ireland Portugal by Martinho69

In southern United States, people have their own brand of diplomacy: "shake with your right hand, but hold a rock in your left". But they ain’t got any such thing at all. They? I mean most of the parties that rule the CP campaign. What? I mean a brand.

On the one hand, we happen to have a rather motivated candidate who tries to embody a renewal in Ireland – even though he remains vague about his very first intentions. This very candidate is Sluagh.
You all know that I personally support him as Eire Aonair PP, let me be honest on this. But the fact remains that he’s the only candidate who has been active for the last couple weeks – hasn’t he? Thing with Sluagh is that he’s a worker, despite every single thing I shall disagree with in his program such as dictatorship. An Irishmans Diary is quite prolific, though. And if you doubt his devotion, then you should probably check it out by yourselves:

But so is the Banist! The Gaeltachtai Chronicle made a fairly rough article concerning PP Cat Boyd a few weeks ago ( at the time of dictatorial elections. This notwithstanding, there is no other serious candidate against Sluagh but her, as she happens to have one might call TRUE IDEAS.
You read it well. No one, especially not ILP’s new puppet Rikian1776 who had not made any article since day 1,796 (I don’t think I was even born at the time) before he did on the occasion of CP elections. This is the way THEY fight: pulling strings in order to keep power, without building up any sort of program – just political ambitions. My thoughts especially goes to the IFP members, who do not even know that their own fight will be hijacked by established power.

Well fellows, I’m sick of it. Sick of a political dead end; sick of an unbearable situation; sick of the socialists who betrayed the social cause; and above all that, sick of the silence of the people we share it with. We shall all raise, this is the last shot.

Let’s restore Ireland.

We'll raise again, even in a goddamn cage.