The way i would change the Game

Day 2,445, 07:46 Published in Switzerland India by Sibeesh

Hi Buddies,
As the name implies, i am suggesting some features.

Idea 1 :
We must have an option to see who all are subscribed for our newspaper.There
should be a page for that. And when anyone subscribe our newspaper ,we should get
an alert.
Idea 2 :
We always must have an option to cancel our Citizenship application. So that we
don't need to wait for one CM to reject our application.
Idea 3 :
There must be a limit of experience level to be a part of Military unit, so that
we can avoid the multies effects when there MU competitions.
Idea 4 :
The Guerilla fight should be division basis, Division 1 player must get D1
player as opponent.

That's all for now . Will update soon 🙂

Please do read this article:

Kindest Regards
Sibeesh (Sibi)