The untold story of a SH medal

Day 4,618, 07:59 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Cardinal Liakouris

After being absent for some time, I decided to share with you and the community the untold story of my first Sky Hero medal. This was the first time where my mind was blown with this game, because we need to be honest, this game is boring as f@ck.

Yesterday, I decided to try for my first Sky Hero medal. As you all know, all these “Hot Summer” changes, can help everyone like me to take a medal for his first time. We are not like the big medal hunters, but I wanted to have one, because you never know.

I started my efforts by selecting a random battle where no one has done a single hit. I bought some weapons, ate my candy and I did some damage. Rushed for work, I closed the game and left. Time passed and at night, I logged in but there was nothing about the medal so I ASSUMEDthat someone took it from me. And then, I decided to share my experience with this hypothetical guy who took my medal in my friends feeds.

The comments that I received were kind and supportive. Some of them are:
- In the end I saw that you took your first SH anyway ... congratulations!
- Fortunately you get another one, congratulations o/
- Enjoy what works and be with your friends. Congrats with your first SH medal.

All these friends above, were wholeheartedly congratulating me for my first SH medal. But, I haven’t received any notifications or seen my profile yet, so I assumed that I lost the medal and all friends were celebrating with me for a HYPOTHETICAL medal. You know, something like you never won the medal but let's all pretend that you got it and have fun! At this time, I didn’t need this medal anymore! I had my friends’ support, the support of our community and I received about 10 friend requests. I didn’t want this medal, I had a bunch of friends by my side, celebrating with me.

Then, I saw my profile and my mind was torn apart. I had won this medal but, most important, I had the WHOLE community by my side, having our own little party, exchanging wishes and congratulations for this. This was the most significant achievement from this day.

So please, spread your kindness and care for the others. We can have our little parties every single day!

Yours truly,