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The Truth About Spain and Brazil

Day 2,205, 10:47 Published in Serbia USA by CaioMario

This article is published here, in Serbia, by courtesy of Gatodumas

which wrote it and published it 2 days ago in Argentina.


Undoubtedly, this weekend was exciting and full of surprises in eRepublik . Recent changes in the dynamics of the game , the end of the 6th World War with the dissolution of COT and new global guidelines have change the board a little, and several countries have come from the lethargy in which they were plunged in recent months .

Countries such as FYROM, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Germany have reappeared on the map , the friendship between Chile and Peru is over, and most of the greatest countries have lost the 100/100 bonus because of the now famous "determination".

But I think everyone was waiting the comments on the controversial NE of Spain to Brazil. Controversial because Spain and Brazil are supposed to be "brothers" and also controversial for the intrusion of the Spaniards in the internal affairs of South America that is controlled by pro -TWO countries , which belong to the same alliance as Spain does.

Brazil’s Situation

Brazil today is far from being the world power that used to be at some point, their uncertainties in foreign policy ( and flirting between TWO and COT ) , their internal divisions ( panela against CAT ), non-renewal of its ruling class and failed attempts to achieve a BB had weakened this country , now they can’t even stay in the top 20 of the list of eR .

In the past 6 months , Brazil has not only lost all their colonies in Peru and South Africa , they have been deleted since 3 months ago by Argentina and her allies,Colombia and Uruguay .

We must remember that Colombia , Uruguay and Argentina have historically been allies of Brazil and Brazilians themselves were those that broke this brotherhood, attacking these three countries after her approach to COT ( and the signature of multiple MPPs with enemy countries).

We cannot ignore the list of countries that currently have signed MPP with Brazil : Croatia , United States , Bulgaria , Italy , Albania , Russia, Canada , Iran, Peru and Paraguay . Read carefully: most of them are enemies of TwO, and sustain open conflicts with TwO and proTwO countries.

The only exception to this rule? Yes, Spain is the only country that signed a TwO MPP with Brazil, who dedicate themselves to fight against TwO countries through their MPPs.

The Relationship with Spain

Brazil and Spain have been historical enemies from V1. The Spaniards have dealt Brazil the first erase on eRepublik history, and they have repeatedly invaded the Iberian Peninsula.

This has been maintained over the years, until the breakage of the ONE alliance. Then Spain (as they said) grew tired of conflicts in the Balkans and founded the CTRL alliance together with Poland, the USA and Brazil. As everyone knows, the alliance was a failed project, but since then Spaniards and Brazilians are in peace.

This peace has been encouraged by the presence on Brazilian government of Spanish players with Brazilian CS (Big Gil and others) that have led Brazil to be heavily dependent on aid that could arrive from Spain to keep her enemies in the line.

Spain and Argentina

They maintain a rich history, with friends, brotherhoods and betrayals that burned in the mutual history of these countries .

I have previously developed this issue, and for those who want more details, I leave the original article for those who have not read it yet.

Note that the last conflict between Spain and Argentina was the AS of the European country to the Argentine originals in April 2013 , and since then the two countries have shared border over a long period without any aggression from both sides.

We can also refer to the signing of numerous MPPs from closer countries to Spain, such as Poland and Venezuela , which confirms that these two countries are on the same side of the scale when it comes to positioning global partnerships .

Let us not forget the offer of assistance to Spain from Argentina , endorsed by TWO HQ; at the time when Mexico, supported by the whole COT , was growing on Spanish original regions, and Argentinians launched a NE to the Aztecs with the purpose of trying to stop their advance on European lands . In the same conflict , Colombia and Venezuela acted on the same way to protect native Spanish regions from the Mexican attack.

In recent months the Argentine governments have sought closer ties across Spain but found the constant negative to make any kind of discussion to defuse this conflict.

Spanish excuse for not building relationship with Argentina ? The existent war between Argentina vs Brazil and Chile, countries which are TWO enemies, whom the Spaniards consider allies.

Spanish Help to Brazil

With the latest changes in the game, Argentina (as most of the global powers) has been forced to release occupied regions to bring down his " determination" and to keep them in near future spending less damage, thus channeling a greater flow of damage to their allies in need. Recall that Argentinian MPPs are all from TwO and proTwO countries, this way the extra damage is channeled to members of this alliance.

But a free Brazil could fight through their MPPs and deal their damage for countries which they have maintained their MPPs . Where 's the Brazilian damage dealt normally ? Anyone can read the official priorities of Brazil and will see it set daily for Croatia , Albania , USA , Italy in the hotspots of the conflict with TWO at this time.

Hence the importance for TWO and pro - TWO countries to keep Brazil wiped, this is why Argentina and her allies are constantly fighting to keep this country without regions and Congress.

After 3 months of being deleted with no Congress , where did the Brazilian tanks move his weapon factories to have better bonuses? To Spain, of course. Then this country gives Brazilian entrepreneurs the necessary citizenships, so they can produce more and cheaper guns to better fight for their allies. These weapons produced in Spain, are used to fight for Croatia , Albania , Italy , Bulgaria and other enemies of TWO which I mentioned earlier .

Here are some examples of what I mean:

Marco Polo : Brazilian Tank - Spanish CS

Big Gil - Brazilian leader - Spanish Cs

Marcellus Bracara - Brazilian Tank - Spanish CS

Olorum - Brazilian Tank - Spanish CS

Andrus Longhi - Brazilian Tank- Spanish CS -

Henrique CS - Brazilian Tank - Spanish CS

Mr.Adams - Brazilian Tank - Spanish CS

I think this is enough for a sample, I could mention more than fifty cases, but I think the point is proven . Large Brazilian tanks have Spanish citizenship and enjoy the bonuses provided by Spain; and weapons produced through these bonuses are used to fight against TWO, and that's a fact nobody can deny.

If these Brazilians were not been benefited with these benefits by Spain; and still were in Brazil where Argentina would have kept them without bonuses for three months now, they would have far fewer Q7 weapons used to fight for Croatia or Albania than they currently have.

Everyone has to draw their own conclusions about what is best for TWO, if Spanish attitude or Argentinian attitude.

The NE of Spain to Brazil

What was the reason for Spain to launch a NE on Brazil? Keeping deleted an enemy that has MPP with TwO enemies and fights for them? Surprisingly, NO. The reason for this is to release Brazilian regions and prevent Argentina to keep deleting this country, this way ensuring the Congress to this country.

Is it not enough to Spain to sign MPP with Brazil, give citizenship to their tanks, increase their economic and military power , but also wants to give them Congress?

What does “Brazil with congress” mean? It means they will have the financial resources to economically support their military campaigns and their allies’. I do not need to remember which are the Brazilian MPPs and allies, and who will be affected with this situation.

Of course this NE was agreed with the Government of Brazil , here are some of the screenshots of Brazilian leaders asking to fight for Spain, also the official orders from that country requesting to fight for Spain, including campaign’s TOP5 completely occupied by Brazilian fighting for Spain.

Here are some screenshots of Brazilians asking to fight for Spain:

Here we also find some other enemies of TWO, fighting for Spain

Argentina’s attitude

Despite the many official requests from the government to the citizens of Argentina to not participating this conflict, a rebel group of citizens who are constantly feeling the Spanish harassment, bullying that is seen in each of the Argentine campaigns where TOPs are plagued by Spaniards fighting against us, where the Spanish president's own statements against Argentina do nothing but adding fuel to the fire; is in this scenario where a group of Argentine rebels decide to participate in this conflict.

We must make clear that it was not Argentina who came seeking for conflict in Europe, it was Spain who came to intrude in American affairs. Argentina defends the interests of pro -TWO and TWO countries, and she understands that to achieve these interests, the best strategy is to keep Brazil wiped and without congress.

Spain is the one who must give explanations for their meddling in Latin America, for her intent to assist an enemy of TWO, and complications that their actions may cause in countries that in past, present and future, have proved to be valuable allies and have managed to take care of the backs and evenings of TWO allies in countless times.

Muchas gracias a Brendam por su invaluable colaboración en la traducción de este artículo. // Thanks to Brendam for her invaluable colaboration on the translation of this article.

Este artículo no participa de los “voters clubs” ni regala panes o armas a cambio de suscripciones. Si a usted le intereso este articulo y desea seguir leyendo artículos de calidad en el futuro le rogamos votar y suscribirse al mismo y compartirlo en los shouts con sus amigos.

La Verdad sobre España y Brasil - The Truth About Spain and Brazil

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Spain loves ex COT

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Argentina sign a NAP with Chile to wipe an ACT country(Australia)
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