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The Third Episode!

Day 1,848, 18:42 Published in Austria Austria by cehansen

Here is the Link to the third Episode.

Please Comment and send in Ideas.

Yours Truly,



ZoltanB Day 1,849, 05:23


Gullberg Day 1,849, 12:56

Sorry can't listen to the music on your radio.
I always skip it to hear you talk 🙂

But I don't know in which ways you are allowed to play newer song (copyright laws)
Btw, big compliment for your idea, don't know if I already told you that

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,849, 15:13

voted. i like it 😃

OEBernd Day 1,849, 15:16

"OEBernd always listening to classical music while becomming president,"

Great music and nice show.

Want to try to give a speech on radio that would be cool.

Vreath Day 1,850, 11:02

A speech would be awesome, and nice episode! I laughed a lot : D Best name pronounciation ever. : )

cehansen Day 1,850, 14:31

Well I'm glad that I can make someone laugh or smile. It makes me feel accomplished.

Vreath Day 1,850, 15:43

Yes you should do! Great idea and well done, I can really compliment you on that! Needs more listeners, though : )

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