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The tale of Greece and the Circle of Defeated

Day 1,826, 17:14 Published in Romania Bulgaria by Ionut Moldovan

Once upon a time, there was a peaceful land, where everybody lived in peace, made jokes, laugh, eat, drink and a lot of other common things. Then one day, the hordes of CoT, wanted to do the same thing in the same parts of the world and started preparing for running conquest.

They've assembled a large army composed of immortals, unbeatable tanks, and heroes, who where never been beaten before and attacked simultaneously with such rage that the earth trembled before them.

Everyone started to pray and hoped that the servers will crash or that the game will end, or even the sun will burn out causing the extinction of mankind, and maybe then but only maybe they will escape the FYROMANS and Bulgarian punishment.
When there was no hope left, a group of brave men and women raised against the odds and challenged faith, and in the end after constant fighting and absolutely no breaks the Greeks and with some help from some allies won the day.

The Fyromans run day and night , and never stopped screaming" Cry us a very big river" and the bulgarians they did what the always do, they asked failsino the mighty god of mastercard to help them.

A lot of time has passed since them(1 day) and guess what, The Circle Of DefeatTrust is winning everything, well not quite everything, but they're on the right path, the path of beign wiped, again.

Some photos taken on the battlefield

1.Bulgarian Soldiers

2.The bulgarian army

3. A mighty Fyroman

Long Live EDEN



MjordD Day 1,829, 05:32

Frumos, la mai multe. o7

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