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the story of the two kangaroos

Day 1,452, 10:31 Published in USA USA by potato134

one day in a land down under there was two kangaroos one named rike and one named roo. They decided to go to the big city of sydney. On there way they met a gryphon who was very powerful. The gryphon loved to play with his prey before he ate them. Gryphon always pooped on his prey some do not know why but i do he did it because he was actually a cannibal since there were no other gryphons in the world this would have to do. When roo was walking on the ground out of nowhere a poop landed on his shoulder he thought it was a egg and he decided to have breakfast. it didnt taste like any egg he had before but it was food. Gryphon saw what had happened and decided to scare them. All afternoon he would dive down and scare them. Finnaly rike had enough and hit gryphon with a stone it was a perfect throw but it was no enough and rike was eaten in one giant gulp by gryphon. But Roo was the strongest kangaroo of them all so as gryphon was diving at him he dodged and snatched his wing and tore him apart.
the end

Rip. Rike, Synesi and gryphon O> who will die next tune in for tomorrows story



Rike Tosh
Rike Tosh Day 1,452, 11:32

SONAVA! That's no fair, I say kill Roo for sure next issue!

potato134 Day 1,452, 12:26


George Pumpkinette
George Pumpkinette Day 1,452, 12:58

is the gyphon really a fly?

potato134 Day 1,452, 14:54

no its supposed to be gryphon skull 😃

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,452, 16:40

Is Gryphon a griffin?

potato134 Day 1,452, 18:58

😮 its Gryphon_Skull the CO of TC

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