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The Stay Brilliant Project!

Day 1,787, 15:13 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Meklon Dramicus

Hai there wonderful peoples.

Well, it's semi-official, I'm actually going to run for the Party President position this month.

Why you might ask, well, why not is the real question.


Okay, so you might not ask either and, I can't blame yah. So how do things stand at the moment and what, if anything, am I going to bring to the UKPP?

A random UKPP'er relaxing after a hard days graft

Well, I will hit straight off of the bat and explain that I'm not a regular player (by regular I mean a two clicker of course), but I do invest a fair bit of my supposed free time in the game - so, yes, I will be an active party head, but I hope to bring more than just an active figurehead.

At this moment in time I'm not going to speak of political stances or the like, because, well, I don't feel the need to right now - that's something for internal discussions - instead I just want to focus on the first thing I would like to bring to the party (which I WILL be organising for this coming Saturday. (And then bi-monthly if I'm elected 😛)

From my current understanding, clicking the fight butan seems to be a big thing, so I'd like to establish a Party wide strike - I don't care what MU your running with or whatever gripes you may have with other party members (that's for you to deal with), but I would like to see some greater cohesion between the UKPP and, I think, that a good first step would be to have some more joint activity as a group then as seperate MU's.

As such, I'd like to formally announce the first Dramaticus based party strike this Saturday (13/10/12) starting at 4pm GMT going forward till 7pm.

I'll be providing 15 Q6 Tanks and 200 Q5 food to every UKPP participant with aims to run this twice a month.

Obviously donations and support will be welcomed, but not necessary.

I hope to see more of you on the field in the coming days.

(NB - I'm afraid you'll have to get into the UKPP channel on mIRC to get the supplies sent out so we know who's out there, so please, if your not active on there at the moment at least jump on for several minutes to get some supplies and click that fight button... oh, and to tell us how much hurt you cause)

Anyhow, for now, stay brilliant people !!


WayneKerr Day 1,787, 15:19

nice one Meklon \o/

Meklon for PP
Meklon for CP
Meklon for anything he wants...

mick cain
mick cain Day 1,787, 15:51

lol wayne

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,788, 02:19

meklon for Miss World?

Ergo Deus
Ergo Deus Day 1,788, 06:37

Meklon for PP! Pretty sterling candidate.

posidon303 Day 1,788, 08:59

lol meklon for Miss eWorld

The Pictures I Find Are EVERYWHERE!!!

lancer450 Day 1,789, 19:04


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