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The Spirit of eExploration

Day 1,892, 08:20 Published in USA USA by Bradley Adams

Build a boat and travel to unknown, uncharted, foreign lands and drop small bombs on countries that you hope are not your friends. Such is the life of an eRepublik explorer.

One has to think back in history to the Great Explorers, setting out for treasure, glory, adventure, and battle hero awards... did they feel a pang of guilt? Did Lewis and Clark stop for a minute to consider the recklessness of the expedition? Did Columbus worry that he may or may not be claiming land that was already claimed? Did Magellan hesitate at any point?

These great and courageous men had in common the ability to compartmentalize the ethics of exploration, putting them aside for the possibilities of fame and fortune, the allure of adventure.

So off I go, in my little boat, to do as much damage in the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea as is possible with my modest stash of small bombs and bazooka parts, limited food, and no idea of what I am trying to accomplish.

Long live the spirit of adventure! Godspeed!



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