The Speaker's Word - Welcome to February

Day 4,823, 12:13 Published in USA USA by eUSA Congress
The Speaker's Word - Welcome to February

Welcome to THE SPEAKER'S WORD - The Official Journal of the eUSA Congress.
Tuesday, February 2, 2021 (Day 4823)
Location: 158th eUS Congress
Editor: dmjohnston, Speaker of the House

Wwwwwhat is going on guys, it’s your Speaker of the House, dmjohnston, comin’ at you with ANOTHA Speaker’s Word. Make sure to hit like and subscribe for more great Congressional content.

Speaker Election

It was an uncontested election this month. I’ll be the Speaker, with Thee Dude and Wilker Nath as deputies.

Budget Discussion and SCI Disclosure

Franklin Stone kicked off the budget discussion prior to the Speaker election to trigger the automatic reporting from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) which just happened yesterday. This occurs in two parts: a full report to Congress and a delayed public disclosure of spending by the Select Committee on Intelligence (SCI). For the first time in some months, the disclosure included some spending by SCI, which can be found here.

These automatic processes are governed by Title 3 of our eUS Constitution.

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