The Speaker's Word: The Beginning of the 92nd Congress

Day 2,818, 17:22 Published in USA USA by eUSA Congress

This is Speaker Evry writing to you from the Speaker's Office. I'm hoping to continue to publish these articles in order to keep the public informed as to the goings-on within Congress.

In this edition, we'll summarize what has happened since the 26th, when the current group of congressmen took their seats until today.

First, the newly elected congressmembers signed in on the forums. With 56 of the 59 elected congressmen making it to the sign-in thread within the first 48 hours or so of the term.,35935.0.html

After that, the congressional leadership team was voted upon:
I was elected Speaker of the House by a 23-22 vote over Bob Boudahili. After being elected, I chose Orikfricai and Tenshibo to be my deputy Speakers and assist me in keeping everyone else on track and in-line.,35989.0.html

At the end of the previous term, the IES Director, WildOwl retired from the position and the game. However, a new IES Director was not officially named to the post. So, congress began the nominating process which resulted in only 1 candidate receiving the requisite nominations and accepting their nomination. Therefore, DeepChill was installed as the new IES Director without objection.,36009.0.html

Lastly, a budget was passed for the new month. It is largely a repeat of the previous month's budget, with a few word changes and minor semantics. It is as follows:

I. Executive
Line U1. MPP Costs: $60,000
II. Defense
Line U2. Armed Forces: $80,000
Line U3. Arm America: $25,000
III. Interior
Line U4. Dept. of Civilian Affairs $25,000
IV. Treasury
Line U5. Reserve Remaining

TOTAL: $190,000

Additionally, a few foreign affairs matters were discussed and voted upon behind closed doors.

That's all I've got for now. Please check out the government papers linked below and let me know if you have any questions, comments, requests, or complaints that you'd wish Congress to receive.