The Speaker's Word: Politics

Day 2,640, 17:56 Published in USA USA by eUSA Congress

Speaker Delyruin here once again, this time with help from the venerable Kalos Hoenn.

This week’s sign in 58 members of Congress signed in, resulting in a quorum of 30.

This week’s legislation was heavier than last week. Along with all the in game votes, there was a rather controversial topic on taxes and a dramatic discussion on the removal of a member of congressional leadership.


There was a discussion to lower the Work Tax to 10%, initiated by Congressman Arrden. It stimulated a large amount of discussion both for and against the issue and, unfortunately, an even larger amount of drama. In the end the discussion had to be locked. But the proposal will go ahead and the issue will be given a vote soon.


The tax discussions lead to accusations that Deputy Speaker Arrden was abusing his mod powers, and two separate threads were opened calling for his removal as Deputy. The Speaker found his actions in the tax thread did not warrant Arrden’s removal as Deputy, however, Arrden’s moderation of posts in the thread calling for his removal was considered adequate for his dismissal and he was stripped of his Deputy Speaker status.


In game, Congress voted on the routine donations to the CBOas well as MPP’s with Russia, Mexico, and Portugal. Wrapping up our efforts in the Resource Wars, we vote on a Natural Enemy with North Korea and, conversely, Peace offers with Mexico, and Ireland.

A more user friendly breakdown of this weeks in game votes can be seen here:

Mutual Protection Pact with Russia - Results: 52 to 2 in favor
Mutual Protection Pact with Mexico - Results: 53 to 2 in favor
Mutual Protection Pact with Portugal - Results: 50 to 4 in favor
Donation to CBO - Results: 49 to 4 in favor
Donation to CBO - Results: 52 to 4 in favor
Peace with Mexico - Results: 14 to 0 in favor
Peace with Ireland - Results: 58 to 1 in favor
Declaration of North Korea as Natural Enemy - Results: 50 to 4 in favor

That’s it for this week folks. Stay tuned for the next edition of the Speaker’s Word….Who knows what magical adventures we will go on next?

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Recent topics have proven divisive, but in the end we should all remember that all of us are eAmerican.