The Speaker's Address

Day 472, 17:07 Published in USA USA by eUSA Congress

Greetings all! It is I the new Speaker of the House, Kyle321n. I will take this brief amount of your time to let you know who I am, what I'm going to be doing as Speaker of the House (or Speak'r da House as I'm known as on the forums) and what my goals are for Congress in this 2 month period that I will grace the Halls as Speaker.

Who the flurg are you?
You may not immediately recognize my name if you are John Q. Public, I don't write a ton of articles with my personal newspaper, but when I do they usually go unread by the general masses. I've also never been a public figure in anyone's cabinet, even though I've been involved in the past 3 administrations.

So who am I?

Well I'm a 3 term (non-consecutive, December, February, and March) Congressman from the great state of Indiana. In the term I didn't serve, I was still rather vocal and active in congress, as an innocent bystander. I wouldn't classify myself as a "leader" in congress, but I like to think I'm a do-er. I hate when things get stagnant and sit around doing absolutely no good. Other roles I've served in the country include Platoon Leader, Executive Officer and Commanding Officer of the Second Division of the National Guard. Following the footsteps of other past COs of the 2nd (Symrstar, Leroy Combs) I joined the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the Quartermaster General during the second term of the Benn Dover administration. I served in the capacity until my election as SoH.

Other things I've done include help found the Nationalist Party and serve as their VP for 3 terms, help start up the idea of the Meals on Wheels program, and start my own successful Organization, Nelco Industries.

Well that's a nice little resume (braggart). What are you going to do then?
My main thing is transparency. It's actually something I like to do. If you read my newspaper articles, they are mostly my voting records. I am big on making sure the general public knows my opinion and I believe every congressman should follow this. Every Friday I'm going to publish the voting record of the entire Congress in this newspaper. If you would like to know what your congressperson is doing please subscribe to this paper, and you'll be able to see what he or she has voted on. The majority of these bills will be in game votes, but there's also quite a bit we do in the eUSA forums. There the congresspeople have a chance to give their opinion, and vote on bills that come through there. They have a Google Documents "form" which they fill out after every bill has finished the approval process, and they are able to fill out how they voted on that bill. I then take this very raw data, and process it into a beautiful spreadsheet for all to see. You can find the current spreadsheet here.

So what are you going to do?
Well a few of my goals are currently being put into place. I'd like a committee system, and the voting records and the discussion forums are being cleaned up. Other than that I am not going to give away all my secrets here tonight (ps I had some other stuff written here but it was lost in translation of switching computers)

So what should you do now? Vote this up, subscribe and tell your congressman you want them to be active.